I am sorry CCP - I have lost hope

After 15 years of playing Eve Online

After 4 years of making Eve Online content

Ill still be playing but I am not going to promote this game anymore until you fix the major issues

Not like you will care, but I cannot deal with this anymore, fix what is broken or hire sumone who can


Then we have the community’s response here



TLDW (Too Long Didnt Watch) version: whaaaaa, I got wardecced.


Weren’t wardec mechanisms and the state of scuicide ganking basically the same when we had 60k + people online at one time though :thinking:


At least he took the time to make a video.
He’s also not wrong on any of his points, though.

Thanks for the video ESA. You’re not wrong on any of your points, and I’ve experienced the same thing (albeit on a smaller scale) - so I can completely empathize. I hope more than a few players watch the video - and I really hope CCP also watches it (not that I’m very optimistic). Fly safe.


Blame the influence of the Dark Web on Eve Online for the reason that Eve is dying.

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The problem is the wolves to deer ratio. Too many wolves… not enough carrion.

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15 years and 700 videos later, he personally saw 30 new players quit the game forever over a single incident involving wardec barrage by a single jerk corporation and 9 of their chronie alliances.

Good job, CCP. Really a nice good job.

(My first corporation was EVE-U. They were wardecced for the whole 2 months I stayed with them, which at the time meant we were relocated to alt corporations so we could keep playing. I never ever attended a single class or flew a single op with EVE-U since they were essentially locked out. That was back in 2009 and it teached me a valuable lesson: CCP doesn’t igves a f*** of the players who try to help new players. Unironically, EVE and CCP are now smaller now than they were in 2009, on all accounts -revenue, customer base, company size- and wardecs still prevent the good guys from helping noobs and CCP still doesn’t gives a f*** of it.

But yes, ESA got waaaah-decced and is done promoting EVE, HTFU.)


You can troll and attack me all you

We do live in low sec

We do recruit new players

They do quit

I don’t care if you attack my autism or personality disorder, you are just proving my point on how ccp allows this kind of personal abuse to continue in and out of game regardless


I am not attacking you, my question is this: Are the issues you brought up really the main problems attributing to the lower player count? I ask because I’m almost certain things were the same when we had triple the numbers.

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in 5 years the game has been declining, slowly but I ALWAYS had hope, always had my confidence that CCP would fix the issues. They made small steps but a BARRAGE of forum posts, they stopped, back tracked.

CCP needs to step up


The amount of players in question is never the real question.

There are three distinct levels of a problem.

1: A problem has been detected by a player and reported.
2: Multiple players have detected this problem and reported it.
3: The problem the previous set of users has reported has exploded into all out abuse and it’s too late to stop it before all hell breaks loose.

We are past stage 3.


I am disturbed you find this funny or am i reading your post wrong

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Pretty much

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Like the black fury…like the black fury.

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All true points game is just a shadow of former self, CCP supported griefing is one of main reasons,new players aint gonna be chew toys and they don’t drink cool aid to believe that being griefed is OK and never will.

It doesn’t help that on undock of this supposed space epic you are greeted with "ghay for Steven " citadel …what a sad cesspit this game became.

In any way CCP will cater to group that will keep lights on the most and that is not me or you if you are not null monkey you are 2nd class in here only thing required from you is money.


Don’t forget the several odd dozen MTUs that permanently adorn the Jita 4-4 undock… Or the never-ending scroll of ■■■■■■■■ ISK doubling, firesale and PLEX scams in local… Or the steady stream of duel requests, kill right (aka: insurance fraud) or station games… And we haven’t even touched on the barrage of cargo scans on undock, the ship scans at every single jump gate, the ‘anonymous’ (yet familiar) ships that seemingly turn up at every port of call…


Don’t forget the age of bot-farming now made very, very easy with cheat-stix - farm infinite isk and “buy” cheat-stix, inject more sooper dooper bots and farm more - the never ending story.
ESA did however made a false assumption - you cannot go to null anymore. Unless you join the blobbh. Long gone are days where you could go out there with a hand full of Brutixes and wreak some havoc - now you enter nullsec and a ratting titan comes along and bosons you to kindom come, then goes back to ratting.

I do wonder how many humans are actually left in New Eden. Character values are very exaggerated due to the laws of zee lazorhawkz which state, you need 5000 account to win the game.

By the way, whenever you start hunting the marmalade collection, they become very good at running away to where they came from.
The sad thing is, no noob can do that and no it is not fun your virtual stuff you worked for for many months or years even to explode in 12 seconds.


“A strange game. The only way to win is not to play.”
Joshua, WarGames


There’s a strange pattern I see on many game forums these days, they’ve basically been replaced by reddit for the most part where it’s just unfunny memes and twitch streamers advertising their wares. Then the official forums of the game is basically hijacked by a small number of prolific posters who attack anyone who criticises the game (and with the current state of most MMOs, the criticism is usually valid), since they have become addicted to forum posting (or forum likes) and need to post, so the content they always post is always:

  1. low effort
  2. contrary

This basically leads to a hostile forum for anyone who wants to voice their criticism. It’s the same over on the World of Tanks forum where it has basically been taken over by 20 dudes who post contraryisms 14 hours a day. I don’t visit here much anymore but it’s just the same 20 or 30 dudes here too that vomit all over every thread when I do visit. At least on the world of tanks forums you can see that the dude you’re replying to has 20,000 forum posts and you can safely ignore him, since that’s probably his only social outlet and his posting is just a reflex.

Anyway, OP is absolutely right and the guys attacking him are probably doing so on reflex, since nobody has yet giving a coherent reply that wasn’t meme-tier. Eve is in sorry shape and has been a good few years, its reputation outside of here is abysmal and is probably kept on life-support these days by dudes in nullsec with 5-10 accounts + the revolving door of noobs in high sec joining and leaving just as fast.

CCP won’t change anything anytime soon though unless a sudden loss of money or players forces them to, I can tell you as a 2006 player they are extremely slow to react and when they do it’s usually half-hearted (their f2p model was woefully outdated as soon as it was released, they should have gone with their 2nd iteration of f2p initially, they’ll always react super-conservatively).

I can tell you as a person that’s played this game for 11+ years and predicted a lot of the changes that were made (sometimes years in advance) they will eventually fix high sec in some band-aid way like increasing war dec costs or limiting the dec amount to 8, but it’ll be too little too late, after that they’ll go full f2p to try and get numbers up and after that they’ll probably introduce p2w ships you can buy 5-run BPCs of for a fiver or tenner at a time. But in the end, eve will probably die between 2022 and 2024. Bookmark this post as it will all be true.


There’s a big difference between voicing a fair criticism to improve positively a system or condition, and blatant abuse, aimed at self-serving entities already unfairly abusing and with too much.
On one hand , you can see unfair interference against the valid criticism aimed at status quo, which may be jeopardized.
The same party being criticized will invariably find it fair to jeopardize and justify it as their own means of fair criticism.

Of course, the second may not be fair, and they may argue the first is not fair.
This leads to conflicts, as is expected, since it is a conflict.

Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted in 1948, states that: Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

This is not to be confused with freedom of speech.
The later is invoked for news reporters.
Computer programmers are also creating a form of expression and opinion.
Some news reporters work with computer programs and are also protected.



Permissible limitations to freedom of expression - OHCHR

… Plan of Action on the prohibition of advocacy of
national, racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or
violence” in Geneva and in the Fifth United Nations Alliance

Those, from:
“criticism and freedom of opinion and expression”

“Permissible limitations to freedom of expression - OHCHR”

and :
“freedom of expression and opinion”

Notice, the word expression is wrongfully positioned before opinion in error.
It makes little difference, but the input field on my system doesn’t like it.

Also, notice the linking system is not functioning from this system and the address system, except for the first link.

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