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Quite interesting EvE online in numbers and some interesting facts.


Games been dying for the past twelve years apparently.

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If only more people had the ability to research like you, we would have less uninformed threads about the alleged death of this game.

Google/YouTube/Local Online Library in college (looking at fellow current undergrads in EVE) or your hometown is a great starting point to learn about the things around you and to simply be more informed.


Yawn. It brings no new primary information to the table, and simply steals repeats information from laughable places like Reddit.

It falls into the trap of trying to address the zombie sheeple „game dead“ crowd, which isn’t worth the time to address in the first place.

Are you receiving a kickback from the ad traffic?

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…paying up adds some perks, but nothing too drastic…


Since when is EVE MMORPG? MMP sure, RPG hardly…

Anyway so 110k subscribers is not the same as 110k subs/plexes sold each month. The article doesn’t seem to know the fact that multiboxing is allowed and even promoted in this game. So at best that is half the count. At the very best.

Eah, most things are rehashed anyways. :man_shrugging:

Since always, you can roleplay perfectly well in this game and in fact the events, news and updates that CCP creates usually go in that direction… Another very different thing is that you and those you know do not do it.


My 19 accounts have all gone dark.

The game offers negative returns for even maximum effort.

Nothing is worth doing in-game. Nothing is consistent. Every play style is eradicated and nerfed the second it becomes ISK positive.

I already have a full-time job. Eve has become more tedious and boring than my actual job… but at least my job gives me a paycheck (fair reward) after all my time and effort.

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You can roleplay in every game including CS-GO. That doesn’t make those games any more RPG though.

Main RPG feature involves levelling up you character by your own actions. Something that completely missing here.

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Any link to Reddit? It is always worth verifying information.
This is also a reason why I do not try to comment on it.

I don’t think so is dying.
But I don’t also observe it growing.
So it is a reasonable ask what’s going on.

Stagnating is the vocabulary word of the day.

All of this is so subjective you know?

A CEO who is experiencing a recruitment boom in-game right now would want to say this game is doing pretty well! Compared to a bitter vet with no friends (all left because of the bitterness) would probably say this game is dying.

I recommend for everyone to not be the bitter vet… (At least publicly)

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Does that mean we all must be politically correct, believe everything is excellent and not ask questions?
Sorry, but it’s not Russia.

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Its more of a Bees versus Flies kind of thing. Honey is just better than crap. Bitter vets only see bitter things. More optimistic folks still find enthusiastic players, new and old, enjoying their time with the game.


RPG stands for role playing game, not grind your own skills game.

EVE allows you to create a character you wish to play as while you play the role of a capsuleer earning money, running missions, setting up a trade empire, roleplaying as pirate or fighting in wars.

Seems like the very definition of roleplaying to me.

By the way, are you suggesting that your character did not get it’s skills by your own actions? Did you not inject your skillbooks or add the skills you wanted to train to your skill queue?

Are you telling us you were sharing your account with someone else who did those steps for you?


Nice article.

I just want to note that the numbers in it are based on the mmo-populations website, which in turn bases their guess of game populations on subreddit usage data.

I would take the numbers in the article with a few grains, no, buckets of salt.


Excellent philosophy, but explain nothing.


All I said was people’s opinion of the game is dependent on their perspective/success in the game LOL?
Where did you get that from?? Please read my statement more closely.

Literally my point. Thank You.

My point is.

People who are “WINNING” at EVE will think it’s a GOOD GAME.

People who are “LOSEING” at EVE will think it’s a BAD GAME.

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Great then every single game on planet is also RPG except the real RPG games (because in these games you “grind your own skill”) lol.

This argument is nonsense.

In RPG and games with an RPG elements (for example Jagged Alliance 2) you are increasing your toon(s) levels and stats actively by repeating them, manually training them (which means that you are controlling your toon and you are manually performing some actions over and over) and/or by killing enemies which grants experiences. And in each such game you need to choose a class that your toon will belong. Later as you level up you are getting access to more skills and sometimes even more classes.

All the games I ever played (and I played a ton of them - I even host a server for one RPG game - Neverwinte Nights 1), all the games I ever heard of and were classified as (A)RPG used exactly these mechanics.

EVE doesn’t use concept of experiences, character levels and the training is automatic and doesn’t require player interaction or manual work (assigning the skill to be trained really doesn’tcount). Player Character is not getting better by killing enemies or repeating some type of content. In EVE you are getting better after a specific amount of real time that passes after you start learning a skill.