Is EVE actually dying?

So, we’ve all heard to old cliche. “EVE is dying!” There’s even a few topics on why the eve population is declining or why the game is on the way out.

But if you look at the figures the EVE population appears to be pretty stable over the past six to twelve months, sure it’s down from the “golden age” of 2008 to 2012 and that period wasn’t exactly stable for the game, #summerofrage, but personally I think the game seems to be on track.

Maybe we are just a belligerent community?


I see 20k+ players all day since a few weeks, which is very good imo.


PCU and PLEX look good atm.

There are too many variables, past/present/future, to determine why, but yes, Id say EVE is healthier now than in many years before.

The trauma of many severe changes in rapid succession, and their impact, seem to be healing and homeostasis is returning.


EVE has been dying from the beginning, and continue to Die while expanding and growing.


Where was the last EVE is dying thread?

Healthiness is the issue, as that which prevents dying earlier, rather than later.

Yup, and that the very reason that CCP stopped publishing sub rates, because the game was flourishing so much.

The PCU has indeed been stable the past 12-18 months, even 2 years. Of course, the PCU numbers from two years ago were all PAYING customers, while today an unknown segment are Alpha accounts. And there is no way, no how, that CCP will EVER release the percentage of the PCU that are Alpha’s.

And video game companies always wipe out their community management teams " while expanding and growing".

It is unfortunate that you can hide behind your ISD shield and censor facts like these when presented on the forums.


Doesn’t really need censorship, forum goers do not have long memory and are readily distracted by troll arguments.


The number one cause of death in all species…

Is Birth.

–Contemplating Gadget


After chicken little got gate camped EVE was never the same…


Paying subscription customers are somewhat dying, maybe still good CCP income after the skill injectors. Checking active corp channels tells another story.

In my opinion Eve is doing fine.


You see 20k+ accounts online, which does not equal 20k+ souls. How many life forms are being lobotomized a month to sell cheat stix or are sacrificed with no regards, so that some can extend their multiple personality disorder?


yes because they ruined the fun

A few weeks ago i saw 4-6k accounts online, now its over 20k. So yeah most probably there are alot more people than before. Actually 33,5k right now, which is very good and i dont care if they are alphas or omegas. More people = better game for everyone!


You can see those low numbers every day, 10 minutes after downtime.

More accounts does still not equal more people.


Whats the difference between 3 guys mining the same belt and 1 guy mining the same belt with 3 accounts?

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As an old player (2007) I see no reason to subscribe again. Alpha clone is terrible but it is more than enough for modern EvE. Literally I need my char only to read chat channels.

EvE is dead. It is now some kind of discord with interactive screensaver.


For you it can be dead. For me its more alive than ever before. I have to admit i havent been playing in 2007, but i have 3-4 years behind me.


Eve has been dying since 1800’s.