What is the general "health" of this game? Subs? New players, etc? (Part II - 2018)

Many of you will recall this epic conversation which finally managed to come to some accurate conclusions outside of the hilarious:

My answer was at the time this “In 2007 when I started 1 PLEX (All that was needed then) was 300 mil and there were always 40,000+ players online.”

Those of us that have been playing for the last decade know that the player count has declined and of course it has become 6 times as expensive to play (in PLEX).

The posts saying that CCP does not release information about that were either honest mistakes by people that didn’t know otherwise or trolling. This post sums up how much about EVE can be learned about the subject of the games “general health”:

I loved the input from CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson of CCP.

Citadels did round out the game with a realistic short term goal which then becomes long term and that does result in growth that sticks to the ribs. While it is doubtful that the free to play publicity stunt will keep the number of players online up over a longer term it has resulted in the split of Jita. If you ask anyone whom has not played for just the last 2 years “Hey bro did ya hear that Jita got split in half or more and it is now Jita/Perimeter run by Market bot like Alpha Clones?” your friend would say “What the hell does that mean? Are you serious?!” I do believe.


What’s the purpose of this post? EvE is dying as always? PLEX too expensive rant?


Yes yes, we know eve is dying. But it still likely had several YEARS left. So while your not wrong, you can save this thread for a few more years still, then we can all call “doom” as the clock counts down. A doom clock works best with a short countdown left, noone cares about a bomb thats set yo go off several years down the road.

Eve’s journey will be complete when CCP gives us optional pvp and our own pockets of space to play in free from interference, being able to be accessed by player built stargates.

i dont really get what this thread is on about

OP just wanted to remind us she has played since 2007.

She deserves a cookie.

Instanced play areas, I would suggest you not hold your breath.

No i will not be holding my breath.

When you “started in 2007”, PLEX weren’t even in the game yet.

Try again.

Back then they were 30, 60, 90 day ETCs that you would trade on the forums like characters from the Bazaar.

i’d say EVE is pretty healthy.

i’m more into it than i’ve been in a while.
and i’ve had 3 friends(about to be 4) who followed me after seeing how much i played it

of those. 2 are subscribers now. and the 3rd is still getting onto his feet. they all are enjoying their time(and i’m still trying to get them into a nullsec roam fleet. imagine how much they’ll like the game after getting some pvp )

still…we could use a new trailer


Once you taste pvp you can never go back :slight_smile:

can confirm

4 year highsec carebear with maybe 2 weeks in nullsec.

now i’m in horde. and can’t go back to highsec. just to much to do in null


I played since 2007…

Can I haz cookie too?

Absolutely! but perhaps you would prefer cake?



Mmmmm funny tasting mint.


When PLEX were introduced it was initially about 150 mil for the single PLEX required for 30 days of the new “Pilot’s License”. Very shortly after that they went up to about 300 mil ISK and people thought THAT was expensive. Wish I had bought 1000 of them at that price!


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I think the best way to judge a game overall is by the number of active players. Unfortunately this is no longer a reliable method of doing so in this game.

Over the last few years there has been a drastic increase in multiboxing, 23.5 / 7 (or whatever their session length is) AFKing, botting etc. So if you see 30+k players online on launcher, that is just simply not the case anymore. You have to ask yourself, what percentages of those are just sitting docked up, what percentages are just monitoring markets, multiboxing, etc. This drastically reduces that number.

To me, I see a corellation between the increase in cap proliferation and botting / multiboxing. They are directly connected because the latter supplies resources and makes the former possible to the current extent. As we move forward we keep getting less actually active players and replacing them with automated or bored / AFK ones running multiple accounts at once.

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how do you know that

Put an alt in any of the big boys, take some flights through NS, listen on TS / Discord, check out alliance instructions and alliance wide comms, self explanatory. Hell, you don’t even need an alt now, just fly through now and then and check it out for yourself. The question isn’t how do you know that, but how can you NOT know that ? Its so open, blatant and self explanatory in many cases now its not even funny.