12 year veteran Care Bear here, back after a hiatus and I see the population at late 2006 levels.

To quote the Venerable and Fearless Obi Wan Kenobi;



Too many of us vets took breaks that were too long.

From reading the nearly 4K post thread on the price increase, it seems that 80% of the player base was paying the subscription month to month and has rage quit over $20/month (eyes rolling).

Roquals-online in 2019 (might have the year wrong) created a glut of minerals that led to a damaged economy and a super capital in every pot.

That brought “scarcity” with huge reduction of resources and nerfing the Rorquals into the ground (good move in my opinion).

We just came out of that at the start of the year with an industry rebalance that just happened.

So two years of zero new content / features aside from “we broke it, now feel pain while we fix it”, followed by a large price hike (IF you pay month to month).

Fan Fest last month brought nothing solid, only promises of “things to come” “soon”. I think many people gave up on them then and if the content doesn’t appear at the end of the year, more will then.

So… that’s it in a nutshell.


I griefed most of EVE’s players out of the game, sorry.


Great breakdown, I wonder if the Pearl Abyss people have wrecked the balance of Eve, maybe they dont really understand the game.

I used to do a LOT of Clone Soldier Negotiator Tag hunting, it funded my Omega clones, that’s been nerfed to the ground I see, their spawn rate is abysmal now.

There’s just no clear goal for CCP anymore it seems, there’s no real excitement like we had when Dust 514 first came out, even though that ended up a fizzer,

CCP seems to be just kicking the can down the road now…


What are you talking about? It’s the same population levels for years.

COVID pushed beyond 30k for a time, but it’s the same 24k+.

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Time for Eve Offline to help me make my point here :slight_smile:



So what you are saying is that CCP got rid of most of the bots, afk miners, and random losers who just sit in station and do nothing?


Thought that was your job … what ever are you going to do now :thinking:

The goal is pretty clear to me: profits > all else. They care more about selling packages and packs than creating compelling content. I doubt most of the devs even play EvE anymore tbh…this is a cash cow and the only thing they care about is harvesting as much milk as possible before it keels over and dies. That’s what it looks like to me anyway…I have no faith or good will to spare.


He does have a point here, almost all day yesterday the total population was hovering around 15.5k


Can’t read a graph?

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Hello Peter,

It’s quite simple! CCP has definitely thrown out its EvE Online baby with the bathwater, and their final downfall is now inevitable, as they have shown themselves to be extremely stubborn and stubborn during the past six weeks, and this despite the general dissatisfaction very clearly expressed on this forum, their complacent trolls to orders apart of course; and God knows there are a lot of them here, all those trolls; you can feel them coming very early on with their propaganda ad nauseam, in favor of overpriced long-term subscriptions:

“So buy three months, a year or two years all at once! But anyway! You can see that the price increase is much less important there!” Says a troll with a whelk IQ at your orders…

To tell the truth, they probably have nothing to do with the opinions of their capsuleers, of whom they neglect their personal investments in available time; only our wallets are of interest to them now, in order to try to wipe the slate clean as quickly as possible over a whole decade of mismanagement, while promising us worlds and wonders. That’s why they constantly cheat, update after update, changing the slightest parameter of the game in the hope of increasing their winnings, which is far from obvious with so many successive defections of players…

They have destroyed industry and mining like this, given that they only have the acronym PvP in their mouths, in defiance of the ancestral balance of the rules of the game themselves… In short , they only seek profit; and hop: here comes the fateful day of +33% inflation in CCP sauce! Uh, sorry, I meant CCCP…

Besides, Pearl Abyss has absolutely nothing to do with it, as the stigmata of this fall have been inscribed in CCP’s genes for ages!

So my faith… To hell with them all, and with them, their old fossils totally useless within their CSM of figuration too, so much these ignorant players have literally planted themselves a subject of protest; it had to be done, eh! well they did it… Dammit!

Q. NFTs have always been a false debate of people resistant to everything; that’s not the problem; on the contrary, and CCP is therefore making a serious mistake on this point…

So my faith…

Ully Loom

ps: the rest of the adventures will take place everywhere else, but in no case in the universe of New Eden which will eventually remain a nice museum piece; it’s totally broken, and it’s CCP who is holding his iron pot against our earthen pots; it is useless to address with them the sensitive question relating to the concern for the robustness of an ecosystem, they understand absolutely nothing about it; So the downfall is here where the last support is collapsing week after week:



It’s really simple:

if you fly a ship that is oppressingly overpowered then you should expect it to get nerfed. If you do an activity that pays WAY too much compared to the risk and effort it takes, expect it to get nerfed. It may take a few weeks, it might take 3 years but it’s going to happen!

If you don’t see that coming or you disagree with it then you’re just not the brightest.


The Death Rattle of Eve.

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That hurts more than you know!

I took a 57 jump trip from corp nullsec HQ back to Oipo last week, thinking I was almost certain to lose my ship to the hordes in nullsec…yet the 30 or so nullsec systems I went through were mostly empty. System after system with not one person in it.


Perfectly normal. If you want action, go to low-sec, or join an alliance routinely at war with high-sec mercenary groups (or as suggested in the past, join a high-sec mercenary group).

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It’s dying, but not in the 2003 sense.

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The one posted as a reply?

Sure, I’ll travel in time and do my best.

No need for a Time Machine, you just need to check the graph on Eve Offline, I posted a picture of it for you above :slight_smile:

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