Do you think eves population is declining or incresing and why

I just courious I know a lot players quit eve for various resons and a lot of players join eve for various resons and I wanted to hear your thought’s

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IMHO, overall population may be going up - but I think overall average playing time is going down.

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Personally, I think the number of players is decreasing, but the overall population is increasing due to more emphasis on multiboxing.


Let the speculation storm begin!

But yah def more emphasis on multiboxing especially in incursions. Less total people but more multibox accounts.

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I think it’s decreasing at a catastrophic rate. In a few months only the bots will fly around.
To avoid this calamity unleashed upon the good citizens of New Eden, I strenuously invite the devs to rethink the whole concept of PvP in EvE, outlaw all forms of ganking in hisec and only allow consensual PvP in the other security spaces.
Barring that, I’m afraid we are now sadly witnessing the end of an era in gaming.
Good night and good luck.

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This might’ve worked a year or two ago, but now it’s too late. The only remote possibility to save the game is for PA to shed the IP to NetEase for whatever scraps they can get for it, and for the latter to drop CCP, move development to an in-house studio, and re-brand EVE as a cooperative, space-themed survival game.

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Focusing on Vanguard last year and then again this year certainly isn’t going to help.

One day he discovered the joy of creating new threads about old subjects, and life changed forever.


CCP has been bulldozing the game with poorly thought out content and changes for years. And now they have more or less given up because players didn’t seem to appreciate it. So now they are making a shallow FPS instead. Please note CCP has a close relationship with the government of Iceland so even if their work isnt appreciated by players they still get millions in funding every year.

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CCP BAAAAAAAAD all Dchill’s toons agreed


Please note the next expansion is still just called Q2 expansion, and Q2 starts next month. But i guess we shouldn’t expect anything else from the worlds number 1 space MMO makes sheep noises

I am also a little sorry that I am not fully devoted to what they are good at, but they keep trying what they are not good at, see. their FPS games from the past, I personally think that EVE Online universe does not need an FPS game. Instead, they should focus on how to attract new players to New Eden.

When EVE Online was conceived the goal was not to “attract new players”. The people who were involved just wanted to make a good game. And they did. To this day it holds up well, but the people who took over after the “pioneers” left, have destroyed the game almost. So the best CCP can do seems to be to get back to making a good game. And that raises the question how do you make a good game? Probably nobody working at CCP can answer that which is ironic since making games is supposedly their business. Have a nice day.

for an awful lot of players eve is just too much of a time sink and with their first big loss in the game they just leave and never come back but the brutality of the game is the fix that what those who stay year after year need and crave


Why? I only have one head :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I think that numbers don’t think that this is the right question to even think about asking what others think as thing is the facts might be unthinkable atm

Also check this out to find out what the numbers are…
Courtesy of @Chribba
(he is probably readying himself for some Vanguard mining right now :thinking: )

Hey it’s minig season opening in Vanguard in March playtest. Some mining permits will be collected and miners rageing :stuck_out_tongue:

eve has a lot of lore they could try reaching out to moive devlopers that would get a lot of atention and make some serious bank in process but it might not attarck pople who want to play this type of game

EVE …Dying since 2003.

Probably been ten minutes since talked about in chats.

Lore is not a big reason people play eve online, unfortunatelly :confused:
Mostly it’s PvE …then PvP :open_mouth:

This is based on quarterly surveys results presented at last EVE Fanfest pre-events on 20th September 2023:

Consult with the chart in the centre of the picture - panel titled Most Appealing Aspect of EVE

The survey data were collected before official EVE Vanguard live demo at FF’23 in September’23 and opening it for monthly 4 day playtests since December’23.

On the graph below (Source EVE Offline ) You may see the player numbers started to grow since FF’23 ended. And while gently declining are still slightly increasing around each Vanguard playtest (7-11 Dec’23, 25-29 Jan’24 and 22-26 Feb’24)

Looking at the lower chart, you can see an increase in 2013 when DUST 514 took off - then it all died when servers went down. The bump between 2016 and 2018 or ~2017 is probably news on Project Nova and gameplay demo being released. Then it all died off again after it was announced to be cancelled.

Since you need EVE account and omega status to participate in Vanguard playtests there are new players (mainly DUST veterans) who bought short term omega packs specifically for playtesting Vanguard. …But they already started to play internet spaceships :wink:

Next Vanguard playtest is in two weeks on 21-25 March’24 and it will bring few content additions:

  • mining prototype - probably with handheld mining lasers
  • ability to generate suppression of Pirate Insurgencies by completing specific contracts planet side
  • bug fixes, ballance and QoL

Ability to generate corruption is already there since December playtests. Each playtest for 4 days Vanguards contributed ~9% to corruption during Insurgencies in the selected systems.

June will bring even more for EVE Vanguard:

  • new map focused on exploration and industry
  • weapon customization
  • session persistence
  • bug fixes, ballance and QoL

and for EVE Online:

  • player made ship SKINS
  • corporation projects for non-members
  • new resources in null space (probably mined by Vanguards on the new June map)

I encourage everybody to watch player numbers around those two dates and beyond. CCP will probably make a lot of publicity too to raise awareness and bring more old players back and as well as new :wink: