Has anyone else been noticing the strange activity

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Has anyone else been noticing the strange activity that is going on with eve’s population rates the last week or two?

For those who did not see it, there seems to be a massive influx of players in eve. Initially i thought it was the isk-farmers, but now i am doubting if ccp is artifically creating accounts to hide the extreme die off rates of the game.

For example, last night, 14000 out of 18000 online where in rookie chat. Either everyone is in love with isd hazard, or something strange is going on.

Interestingly, The server metrics are showing large influxes of new players, with last night creating over 300 new accounts alone.

At this rate, we’d grow from 25000 to 32000 players. Whats interesting however, the population is staying steady. This seems to suggest that the accounts are being created at a rate equal to a die off, and that is a big question mark on how that “magically” just seems to happen?

Thus, my conclusion is that ccp is creating false accounts to hide the extreme die-off rates of eve.

btw this activity has been happening for a week or two.

Might have something to do with the 100% starter pack discount on steam


The free starter pack on steam is my guess as well.

It also explains why the new players don’t stick. Most of them are just trying the game for the first time because of free stuff and notice that EVE isn’t their type of game. Hopefully some players will stick around from this action, but it doesn’t surprise me that retention of players who only joined for free stuff is going to be lower than for players who sought out EVE on their own.


yeh its people who play already making new accounts to get the free steam pack for sure.

i think it gives free Skill and Damage Booster (Cerebral Accelerator) and is or would be usual behaviour for eve players, for example i imagine every subbed player has several alpha accounts by now also, if only to try it out.

Looks good though eh?

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Just alts.

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Starter pack, check the details. Creative sales angle on making use of statistics.

It’s not love, it’s lust. Subtle yet significant difference. Which - on the bright side - may result in an actually tangible increase in eve’s demographics, 9 months from now or so.

Not this time. CCP is smarter.

the number of people you see in rookie chat is based on who logs in after you. it isn’t the actual number of players in rookie chat.
Also, several stories have been making it to the public and getting attention to this game, for example the banned csm incident.
Plus, with the new changes to recruit a friend, it’s more beneficial to make alts now than ever. Then you have the steam starter pack which gives them 7 days free omega.

I honestly try to figure out why you people wear tinfoil hats. tin foil doesn’t block alien signals, nor does it block NSA/CIA signals. clearly you need a copper hat, so it acts similar to a faraday cage for your brain.


A Devious Trick to bypass our defenses we KNOW you are with “them”.


/me passes you the tinfoil…

The chinese from serenity are moving to TQ.

Rookie chat numbers are not like other chat channels. The number you see are the players who joined (and possibly left again) after YOU joined. It is NOT the actually online number of players currently in the channel. If you join the channel you’ll see that it’s pretty much at 0 and grows from there.

No tinfoil hats needed.

Well…tinfoil hats aside…it’s EXACTLY what i would do if i wanted to cover that my shiny economic reports are just a curtain holded by a wooden scaffolding…

And yes the steam giveaway is one explanation…but does this really cover this sudden growth?

Could also be a desperate move as the not public data shows what actually is behind the curtain…:slight_smile:

And btw…spreading this rumor is an exellent distraction from the CSM plot desaster…all will concentrate on this “new scandal”… :slight_smile:

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