Eve Numbers

Hi all . Just curious if eve has suddenly had a massive increase in player numbers.
Asking as lately i see so many brand new toons. These are all in a corp with their name as the corp name ie-
Player Joe Blo is the ceo and only member of Joe Blo Corporation. . Yes i know it could be for tax reasons lol but they just act like bots. All they fly is a hauler and go from point a to point b non stop. Could these be courier bots ?


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they are bots

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Ty for the reply. I will report some and see what happens

Wardec mechanics changed. So now players create one man corps with their alts to launch citadels and keep their main corp out of wardec.


You call others stupid because of the country they reside in and then forget to add a critical word to a sentence that would make it coherent. At least we don’t need to think you’re a doof. You prove it with posts like that Mr. Bumsting.


What word is that exactly? Seemed pretty easily understood to me.

This is exactly what is going on, and with great effect!

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Courier bots.

Pay attention to the creation date.

Seems normal to me.


But i have seen a lot more one man corps in recruitment channels. Players are leaving npc corps and looking for noobs to farm isk off of.

What could go wrong?


I’m going to go with Bots for $500, Alex.

LOL so you implying i live in the U.S ?? Or you just acting how you post ??
Was a legit question and i expected some stupid responses but at least they make sense unlike your poor attempt at an insult to me or the people who are from the U.S.
So what is not original ? Is the only post i have made about this subject. I havent copied it from anyone. So yes it is an ORIGINAL .I.

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Fw bots, courier bots, vni ratting bots, mining bots, super ratting bots, even relic bots.

Did I miss anything ?

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Trading bots.

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There are relic bots? How does that work, scanning down sigs and running the mini game?

Every day CCP bans a bot, they are back with new characters, doing low level missions and generally being alpha characters, only for extracting game resources for RMT. If you buy ISK from some site or from such botter, you will ba banned too, no matter how old your character is or how much you bought ISK for real money.

Everyone should use PLEX, dont be lured by cheap ISK from shady RMT seller. Its not worth it. :policewoman:

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If they started banning VPNs and Russia, bot use would probably drop by 90-95%…

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Unless Russians (and Chinese, of course) speak perfect American as in every bot-site post I’ve ever seen linked in any of the many game forums I frequent, you are sorely mistaken in your beliefs.

So lets fix what you said. If they started banning all players, bot use would probably drop 90 - 95%.

Here’s a free tip: some guys buy cocaine, whereas some others produce cocaína.

Making and trading black market ISK are not the same.

So what are you saying? That it’s okay to bot if you are not selling ISK?

Because when I say bot-site it’s a discussion among people that own the bot that the forum is for. And it’s all people that speak American posting there.

Or are you saying that all the admitted American RMTers from over the years here don’t actually exist? It’s only those dirty Russians that RMT and that everyone else bots for fun so it’s all good?

You are going to need to clarify what you are getting at with that post.

I’m going to guess that on Chinese forums they call out Russians and Americans as the criminal element. On the Russian forums they call out the Americans and Chinese as the bad guys. And here you are calling out the Russians and Chinese.

As I alluded to above. It’s not any one country. It’s everybody. The point I was making and you seem to be being an apologist over was that people of one country calling out the people of other nationalities is disingenuous at best and deflecting to keep CCP’s eyes focused elsewhere at worst.

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Chinese bot for cultural and financial reasons. Russians bot for financial reasons. In both countries RMT is potentially more profitable than a legal job (even enough profitable to interest criminal gangs) and haves no legal consequences.

This doesn’t means that westerners don’t bot for RMT, but they’re more drivers of the demand than suppliers of RMT.