Wardec - mechanics to eliminate players

(Josh en Cedoulain) #1

Another wardec for the corp I’m in. Fortunately my subscription is about to end soon. And I’m not gonna subscribe again this time (as planned earlier). Also not log in as usual. Suddenly there are many modern new games I can play and have much fun.

I don’t gonna babysit inside game to defend against mercs. I come here to play not live in. And in my busy life I have no time for timers in some virtual world. Why me and my friends made the corp, why we did all this things? To become someone’ gameplay? No. EVE about to become the game one’s can’t have fun playing to.

It’s weird CCP still hold mechanics that actually through players away from the game.

Developers should totally format wardec mechanics. If they can’t than Wardecs should be removed.

(Another Posting Alt) #2

OP subs to a PvP game. Refuses to PvP. More news at 11!

(Black Pedro) #4

That soon is Soon™ as in it will be a year or more at the earliest before we see a wardec revamp.

But that functionality exists already now. Just drop to the NPC corp and make a shared chat channel with your friends. You can do practically everything you do now and not worry about wars at all.

Eve is a PvP game and corps are the competitive unit of the game. I do think there should be a social corp immune to wars with the same restrictions of the NPC corp, but for now, the NPC corp works totally fine to play Eve without being affected by wars.

(Zircon Dasher) #5

Exactly this.

(SurrenderMonkey) #6

Hot tip:

If you leave highsec, wardecs never matter.

(Makshima Shogo) #7

Especially if you have a npc corp trading alt, and use red frog.

(Rivr Luzade) #8

Did you read that in the CSM minutes (aka tea leaf reading)?

(Makshima Shogo) #9

Haha, such a funny way to put it

(Chainsaw Plankton) #10

So leave the damn corp, if they are just going to roll over and be useless at the first sign of trouble, what’s even the point of being a corp. go hide in NPC corp land, or make a bunch of one man tax evasion corps.

(Makshima Shogo) #11

Or you could just stalk the people war decking you and troll the crap out of them when they try make isk. Eg land 100km away in a sentinel and tracking disrupt their kronos in a mission :slight_smile: worked well in the past for me, if they don’t make any money from you and your more trouble than your worth they will stop the war deck.

(Rivr Luzade) #12

Seriously, though, where did you see this?

(Chainsaw Plankton) #13

that’s an idea floating around, but it seems flawed. You could make just about any corp wardec proof very easily.

(Zircon Dasher) #14

It comes from a vague statement regarding how much time/effort CSM priorities would take. See CsM minutes…towards the end

The only CSM to put flesh to the idea is Steve who wants aggressors to anchor a structure defenders can kill (ending war)

EDIT: replied to wrong person sorry. Should have been @Rivr_Luzade

But since this is here: what would be the actual difference from now Chainsaw?

(Makshima Shogo) #15

Do you mean by war decking your self and filling the slots? If so that is quite expensive to upkeep.

(Rivr Luzade) #16

Thanks, found it on page 40.

What a grandiose idea to figure out if someone has structures or not, and to shelter high sec isk making from minor inconveniences.

(Chainsaw Plankton) #17

That’s a slightly more interesting idea, having a war blockade unit, or something like that which could actually force a fight, as many of the highsec dec corps don’t get out of station dock range, or use neutral logi.

If the dec’ed corp can go kill theirs the war ends, or if they can’t come kill yours the war ends. If they defend theirs they can keep the are going, and if they come kill yours they get a free extra week.

The question there is where are people allowed to anchor these? If a highsec wardec corp goes after a null alliance should the null alliance be able to anchor their thingy out in their home null system? What if it’s a WH corp, can they thingy up in their WH? or do you force them to put it somewhere in empire? And on the attacker side, where do they put theirs? For Pirat I’d think Amarr or at least near to Amarr, but what if they want to put it somewhere where it’s a pain in the arse to get to?

I was replying to the structure in space idea. If you never anchor any structures you would be effectively wardec immune. And if you ever need a structure you can easily use an alt corp to put it in space.

having a set number of slots is something I don’t really like either. Like you say you could just dec yourself and be immune. Could probably also figure out some shenanigans with alliance hopping to circumvent many of the restrictions. Declare a cheap war on some new corp and instantly join an alliance to transfer it, or the old dec shield where you get dec’d then join an allance, leave and the war ends for you.

On second thought, maybe wars are silly and we should just get rid of them. I never remember liking being on either side of a war. Idle had a bunch going each way. All the docking up was more boring than the 0.0 blue doughnut.

(cyennajewelz) #18

war decs should be in low or null only not high sec.
it’s the reason most quit eve or never join corps in high sec.

(Remiel Pollard) #19

The purpose of a wardec is to make PVP in highsec available. You don’t need wardecs in low or nul because you can already engage freely. This is a PVP game. The entire game needs to be open to PVP, high sec included.

(elitatwo) #20

But you can just challenge someone to a duel if you want to pew without getting CONCORDokken.

(Remiel Pollard) #21

That would be consensual. Part of the premise of this game is that you are subject to non-consensual PVP at all times. Even without wardecs in highsec, that premise remains true. This is a PVP game, designed as such from the ground up.