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So I understand how wardecking works. But I dont understand why it happens the why it did for us. I’ve been playing 2 months me and my friends saved up and got a pos. Within 1 hour of it anchoring we were war dec’d.

The area we are in is .5 with plenty of open good moons. We picked a decent one and set down our pos. Now we can fight 1v1 no prob I’ve even survived 1v2. There is only me and a few friends in the corp having some fun learning eve. Then the war dec happens now we are unsure what to do. It’s an alliance with over 400 members hell dawn. We cant fight that, they wont talk and we are unsure what to do. Any advice for eve newbies?

I sympathise, but by planting a structure you have effectively said “We’re open to corp PvP”. So most small corps put their structures in a seperate holding corp so when the inevitable happens you can continue to operate. So your choice now is whether to defend it and maybe have a little fun, or write it off.

Reason #1

Doesn’t matter whether you put your structure in a holding corp or not, they will just wardec the holding corp and still kill your structure…

Well, there are multiple reasons to declare war. They could want the moon, or to control space but they also may just want to be able to shoot your ships to take your stuff.

Hell Dawn seems more interested in the latter. It is very possible they don’t actually want to bash your Athanor, but rather just want the ability to shoot you and your corpmates.

In that case, you have two choices. You either just keep doing your business staying away from the trade lanes and trade hubs, and keep an eye out for war targets. Fly cheap and aware and just do your thing, docking up if they show up. Alternatively, while you we learn less about the game, you could create a shell-corp for your structure, and use the ACL to share access to your main corp so you stay out of the war.

If they do actually show up to bash it, there is not much you are going to be able to do by yourselves - diplomacy is your only option. But I really kinda doubt in this day and age of highsec moon mining they really want to do that. There is no profit in exploding your moon, and I doubt they want to mine it, so at worst they will try to extort you.

But my guess is they don’t want your moon at all, and just want to catch you on your way to or from a trade hub. Just don’t go there (or use an out-of-corp alt) and you will probably never see them and the war will expire.


Abandon that Corp and start a new one. It costs nothing to create a new corp. This is my advice if you want to avoid the wardec.

You will probably lose your structure, but that is what happens when you try something without realizing the consequences. Like touching a hot stove for the first time as a baby.

Thanks everyone for the information. I dont mind a fight if they come around we will give it our best but by talking to some of the other 87 corps they wardec’d they mostly just want to blow stuff up. So time to learn more and join another part of eve. Thanks for the ideas for a separate corp for transferring items to trade hubs.


With a POS it’s really easy.

Unanchor the POS, it will take about 15 minutes. Scoop it in your hauler ship and the wardec goes into 24h cooldown to end the war.

Wait 24h and re-anchor the POS, put your strontium, fuel and charters in it and put it online. The war will still only last 24h. You should have enough strontium to last beyond that time and the wardeccers cannot destroy your tower without another wardec. If they renew, simply unanchor your POS again and repeat the process! You can do this as many times as needed and the wardeccer will have to spend 100M every time :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m not sure if they talk about an old fashioned but never dying POS or just a player owned structure, probably with a moon drill…
Actually I just bought an old POS for some experiments (just to find out how that stuff works), but I can’t see any advantage in Highsec with these towers. After I bought the POS I found out about rights to anchor them, so I founded a one man corp, then I found out about a 7 day cooldown before anchoring a POS, now I found out about incapacitated modules in a 38km sphere preventing a POS to anchor… It is complicated.

Yeah POS mechanics used to be pretty convoluted :confused:


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I’m not sure what to say. I’ve always been attracted to the field of understatement but I never saw myself competing professionally. I’d like to thank all the staff at CCP for passing the POS code around the office for a decade so everybody could have a stab at rebuilding it in a more confusing shape, and I’d also like to thank my cat Beanie for always being supportive.


I remember reading about POSs in the old forums a long time ago and just being amazing the the mix of stupidity/complexity that CCP designed into them. Set-up to fuel to timers…my god they were a nightmare…

…even destroying them was annoying!

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It still is, that’s for sure!

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