This is Eve now? Advice please!

I came back a few days ago and got ahold of a old Corp friend and convinced him to return also. Two days mining making good isk and out of nowhere a Corp called PUBLIC-ENEMY declares war on us? We don’t even bother a soul? Just a small mining corp. in .09 space hell we never leave. So after researching this , To find out anyone can do this to you!!! So they camp out Corp HQ and shut us down for a week even killing our shuttles and now pod killed me! wtf! If this is the new Eve you can have this mess. Sit with 2 resubbed accounts Omega and get camped for a week till this phoney war ends! Dev’s this type of game mechanics will ruin your base and returning players. I been with Eve since 2007. How can we fix this crap??

Thank you for input

This is how EvE always was, if you want to play with the big boys by forming a player corp, you have to come up with a defense plan. Drop corp, leave a dummy char as CEO, and continue mining happily until the wardeccers get bored.

Unless you want to own structures or join the mercs there is no reason to create a player corp in highsec. Use a chat channel.


Thank you for reply. Guess I will run this by my buddy. 27 days on 2 subs shame to just waste the time when tbh we were enjoying mining once again till all this crap came up that we had no control over.

Create a free Alpha character and make him/her the CEO of your corp. That way you can spend most of your time in corp and simply drop corp and mine in an NPC corp if you get wardecced. They are looking for cheap kills - if you don’t give them any, they will go bother someone else.

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Very good point ty sir!

What crap? This is a PvP sandbox game and another group used the intended mechanic to declare their intention to PvP your group. If you don’t want to deal with group PvP, then why are you in a corp to begin with? You don’t need to be in a corp to play with friends, and certainly not to mine with your friend in a 0.9 system. Just use fleets and chat channels.

Just leave your corp and carry on with the game you want to play. If you don’t want to deal with corporations and wars just don’t. You can have plenty of fun while in the NPC corp.

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hmmmm ok Top contrib i see?

So create 10 free account and a corp and declare war on everyone? camp like a mofo at Corp HQ hmmm I will pass and move on thank for the advice.

Indeed. I am a philanthropist of the highest order. :wink:

You will still be at risk to the good people doing James 315’s work while in the NPC corp, but you can completely eliminate the risk of wardecs. But if you need some tips on how to reduce your risk to suicide ganking, send me a message.

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Just wanted to enjoy the game as we remembered. Guess my thoughts on that so-called “War” had to be agreeded upon by both parties. All good back to “other games” thank you for your time S~ Free stuff coming your way we out . Peace

Well, no, wars were never consensual-only, but defending a corp is, and always has been completely optional. You don’t have to be in a player corporation and you can leave one you are in at any time to make a war go away if you have had enough.

In any case, it seems like you have made you decision. I hope you find a game that suits your interests better.

Ty sir! happy & safe flights! S~

who made you believe this? it’s the worst way of making isk.

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Drop corp,
Make new corp,
Blow razberrys at pe
actually don’t do this, you’ll end right back at step1

Wars are trivially opted out of, do so and keep your head down till it blows over

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If you remember a game where war had to be agreed upon by both parties you weren’t playing EvE.

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When has war ever had to be concentual?

As stated before, eve has always been this way.

Don’t make yourself an easy target.

Crying here is putting a “kick me” sign on your own back for people that like to mine your salt.

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No, that would be mouthing off in crime and punishment.

I’m exactly the sort of pleasant individual who would headhunt over a shiptoast and ncq&a always gets the benefit of the doubt.

The best defense against wardeccs is your habitat and friends. Bigger corporations in alliances don’t suffer the same way your tiny corporation will against these groups. Alternatively, move your operation. I like to go live in a WH during war time, assuming I can get a decent connection to k-space.

You will have war declared on you. You will lose ships to other players. That’s exactly what EVE has been since day one.

I find it funny when old players tell people to cry more when pvp happens then in another thread complain about the game dying. What’s that about?

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Can you quote examples of the same person doing this?