War Deccing newbro corps

You all are probably going to berate me as a new player for this but I’ll just post this anyways. As a new player (2 months old) I joined a corp in highsec. We were based out of Dod and I loved every second of it. That is until we got war decced by an alliance called RIOT. A lot of you will say “Dude just join an NPC corp, then you can’t get war decced”. The thing is I actually like my corp, I like the players, I like the activities that we do. For a new player being in a corp with real people on a discord killing rats in belts and doing small fleet PvP is fun. So no, joining an NPC corp and leaving them is not an option to most newbros. We don’t join EVE to sit and talk with robots all day, we join it to have fun. So back to the story, they war decced us, now every time I enter almost anywhere in Highsec I get ganked by RIOT. I have a strong feeling that this is why a lot of new players quit this game. All you vets who say “well blah blah dont play EVE then if you can’t handle it”. This isn’t about me going to lowsec or nullsec and getting killed because I’ve done that and it’s 100% on me. This is about being in highsec and getting camped repeatedly until I just log off. EVE isn’t a very new player friendly game to start with, but something like this shouldn’t happen to new players. These corps that take advantage of the new players are no better than max level characters on WoW camping level 10s because they can’t actually fight a max level character. Anyways I’m hoping that the changes will hopefully stop some of this stuff from happening with War Deccing, but judging by how scummy the people are in these corps I see them trying to find loop holes to continue to do it.

My point in this is that your mentality of “Blame the newbro because he’s a newbro and shouldn’t play EVE if he can’t take it” is completely invalid. As vets you should be promoting the game to new individuals, not snuffing them out. If all newbros stopped playing this game, you wouldn’t have a game to play.

In ending, find some other way to rather than scamming new corps out of isk, if you want to war it out in Null sec thats fine, just don’t drag the new population into it. You’ll end up just killing this game even further.


You can keep in touch with those guys, you can keep playing with those guys and you can keep doing what you like from an NPC corp as long as the war lasts. You don’t have to leave their discord, you can get access rights on their structures.

Welcome to EVE, this is what EVE is about: Ruining someone else’s day. And if your beloved corp has structures that won’t change with the coming war dec changes. In contrast, it will likely get worse because a corp that could be war dec’d once from then on will get more decs because they have structures.

If you cannot take the camping from war decers, do what I suggested above. EVE external tools and ingame cooperation do not require you to be in a corp. You can enjoy the company of your guys outside of the corp for as long as the war lasts. You can even work as neutral scout for your corp and alert your guys when a war decer comes into the system next door.

What my Corp did when that happened is we created an alt Corp , so we keep doing our business, and waving at the tons of shils outside the station , while they can’t do anything xD… And if they wardec that one too they will get much higher upkeep, while y get none by creating another xD


Until wardecs gets some balance, that’s what I did so far

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Doesnt look like a newbro corp?

huh? Most of our members are 1-5 months old lol.

yah i mean theres nothing that i can find that says its particularly geared towards newbros, i cant check 42 members ages lol
you may be in for a long ride there though, riot decked one of my newbro/alpha corps for two or three months solid, all they did was kill 1 ship and 1 pod in the period of time. They did want us to ‘form a gang’ and fight them but at the time the corp was filled with players less than two months old which would have had very little effect on a proteus, cynabal and the neutral onieros and 3 augorors…

No idea for the dec, these guys spam ‘‘oh were paid to do it’’ nonsense, to be fair the dec probably costed less than ten mil - perhaps your corp should try an alliance?

This group will be hit hard if wardecks go the structure way, probably end up joining marmite.

Yea I’m really hoping that these groups will no longer be able to do that. Being camped inside a highsec trade hub for days at a time by 5 players really isn’t enjoyable. And I realllly don’t want to just start an alt from scratch since I literally only 2 months old on this game right now lol. As a newbro losing those ships back to back is almost impossible to come back from and I think thats why people quit the game. Theres just no way to get that isk back in a reasonable amount of time while constantly being camped to the ground.


as an older player, I’m probably one of the rarer ones that remember when wars were actually taken fairly seriously and not issued lightly. I agree with you, OP. it sucks.

not a lot anyone can do about it right now. try not to have structures in december and stick it out until then. maybe come out to nullsec or try out lowsec where they won’t roam until then?

it sucks and its a shitty situation.

PS: To marmite, pirat, etc, come out to nullsec and actually fight those of us that can fight back. bet you won’t.


yeh they used to generally be for a valid reason and not for ‘killmail culture’ as a pvper i often prefer to be in gangs where i have a purpose in a solid fight, killmails i can get solo.

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yall should war decc R I O T and come kill them in Dodixie lol

thats unlikely, unfortunately.

Damn, well I guess I’ll probably just change my med clone and let them kill me one last time and buy a new ship somewhere else. I’m running outta isk though replacing these cruisers lmao. They have me pretty camped here in Dodixie and have been for the past week or so. I might try to move my ships when they go offline or something.

some advice:

create another account, in an npc corp. get a hauler alt made. use the hauler in an npc corp to haul your stuff elsewhere. you might have to go pretty far to find somewhere, as they likely have locator agents to track you down. per my advice earlier, try to dip your toes into lowsec ratting and pvp. or, alternatively, create an alt and join brave or another newbie friendly nullsec alliance for isk making, or to try something different for a bit.

They already announced they are going to make it corps with structs only. Once all structs are transferred to 1 man corps all wars will be over.

Problem solved, war mechanism ruined for everyone.

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Do what I did . Just create a temporary Corp and let your guys join it. The feeling on undocking and waving at the scumbags outside and they can’t do nothing is great xD

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And ruined by those who war dec just to war dec.

No such thing as restraint or moderation. Just ■■■■ yourselves over as hard as possible. Ganking will see a nerf sooner than later for the same reason.


sounds like easy citadel kills to me.

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yeh thats pretty pointless, bringing anything remotely threatening to a group like riot just see’s them dock up long before you can get there tbvh

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