Another article on eve wars (mostly high sec)

The wind has a stinker dinker.
This article is exactly the reason I stay solo, I’ve seen some high sec Indy Corp that I would like to join but then look at the wars tab and say forget it, if the do make the appropriate changes I could finally join a community instead of just avoiding the activity because of the problems associated with grief deccs.


But CCP Burger says his team noticed that when the defending corporation had its own citadel starbase, EVE’s version of a space fort, it performed 48 times better than their defenseless peers.

Great statistics trick there from CCP and even better from that article crafter. 48 times higher sounds like a lot. Truth is that the kills jump from nearly 0 to 1.5 kills. Which makes the claim sound a lot less impressive than it is being portrayed. That’s how you make people believe even the biggest rubbish.

Wars are not nearly as big an issue as you believe. The next patch won’t solve your problems either. Wars will still impact your industry capabilities if you use a structure. You can just cooperate with the corp with out of corp coordination from an NPC corp even. You don’t have to join their corp in order to work with them.

What you need is better coordination and education on how to maneuver EVE mechanics.


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For the bears who are dying every day this is a thread of false hope :rofl:

For everyone else it is re-news from 2005.

Well with the change of ownership I wouldn’t dismiss it outright.

I am in favor of those such as I who want to play eve as pve Indy type not being subject to grief deccs, just understand I am not saying to end ganking or getting wacked for leaving high sec but grief deccs are a problem and it must be dealt with.

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The core problem, as i see it, is that highsec corps and alliances cannot become large without bootstrapping using workarounds like 1-man alt corp hauling for large groups like hauler associations.

I understand that this solution isnt perfect but lets see what CCP comes up with in the upcoming months and hopefully highsec will be able to form corps and alliances under their actual banners and not have to bootstrap and wardecs will be useful for actual wars instead of cheapo, easy-mode hauler ganking in highsec space.

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What does this have to do with the discussion at hand ?

I spent years discussing WOW when i played WOW but this has ZERO to do with what i say about EVE.


Ownership that seems to buy sandbox games…

There are several big corps in high sec like Pro Synergy with 400+ chars, or bigger even with Fly Fearless with over 2000 chars, among other examples. Most people, however, do not want to be big because being big means responsibilities and work. If you want that, you can go to null or low where get better rewards for the same effort. Most people in high sec just want to do their small time thing with few people and not organize huge groups. No changes to war dec swill change or improve their situation.


Exactly, wardec is a scape goat. If players quit because they got killed, or because of the threat of being killed, they were not going to “make it” in EVE anyway.



Yeah, ok.


Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Without a proper indy structure to operate out of, you will be griefed in another way, Profit Loss!

Next you’ll be whining that NPC tax should be lowered to compete with structures.

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I like how you know what people will do, even though you don’t know them, never met them and basically don’t even know where on Earth they come from.

I also like how your solution to the problem of harassment is not to log on at all.

That’s a real winning solution for EvE.

Now grow a pair and fight someone your own size Bambi killer.


I dont believe there is going to be some kind of ground swell of mega highsec corps or alliances mostly because the long standing problem of wardecs has gotten most of highsec used to being solo or in small corps and this will carry over even after wardec changes. What will change I hope is that new players will make large corps and alliances even if those of us that have played longer never do.

As to your examples, they dont invalidate the statement that wardecs keep most corps and alliances from bootstrapping if they want to grow. Your examples also don’t change the fact that the current wardec system is broken and need of fixing. In the U.S. it has always been possible for women. let’s say, to get ahead in the work place in all forms of human endeavour and no doubt a small amount of women did but this doesnt invalidate that most women in the U.S. find themselves facing workplace discrimination and that this discrimination is in need of fixing, just as is true of the current wardec system.
Will t

why? To mess his kill ratio? They will never learn. You think they will want to use new abyss pvp arenas because they want to “pvp”? They want easy targets behind “EvE is so hardcore, go back to wow” agenda.


Any real Eve player should know that anyone who has played, or thought about playing, or had close friends that played, and in the worst case wrote positive articles about playing WoW are automatically subject to the most uppity scorn :face_with_monocle: that even the most nooberish Hi_Sec_Pvper can conjure.

Its in their contract. :scream:

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Not war decs do that but the people themselves for the reasons that I outlined. No change to the war dec system will change the circumstance that it disadvantages the defender. As long as people do not want to fight, the mere existence of wars will be a problem for them if they want to use more things in space.

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I have not heard a single person (other than you) discuss profit loss griefing since it is just you desperately trying to justifiy a losing argument. And when i say losing, i mean literally losing since CCP has already made its decision on this issue and change IS coming.

What you could do that would be productive is suggest what you think the changes coming next year should be and how they would solve the current easy-mode corp griefing and still be a viable and interesting form or game play.

Of course, you could hold onto your current line of discourse which will leave you completely out of the loop in terms of the end result that CCP comes up with next year and you will have achieved nothing of note regarding this issue.

Honestly, i see you taking the former route, which is great by me, since that means no input by you will affect CCPs decision making process when they make wardec changes next year.

Yes there will be a growth of highsec corps. Big alliances should initiate these corps so they can experience the full growth it will have to offer instead of complaining late.

My main is in a 1 man highsec corp and even I am asking about why after these changes now, especially since you cant be awoxxed anymore. These changes aren’t small changes no matter how you spin this, even if I am for it, there is a change that comes with it.

However I am certain CCP will nerf corps in some sense because they aren’t much different from a npc corp and they are paying 15% tax.