I’m a new player on Eve Online, and I wanted to get a discussion going on the frequency of 10 year veterans declaring war on small (newbro) high sec mining corps.

I know that some people who think they are lions hunting wounded gazelle when they gank a new player in their venture, will be upset with this post. (those players are just unable to PvP against other players with similar experience or skill levels., and are desperate to not be the victim for once, i get it)

but I had the idea that CCP should add a PvP check box to either engage in PvP or to opt out of it for small new alliances and corps, regardless of having a station.

I think the limits should be something along the lines of::
Alliances and Corps, who have less than 100 members, and less than 4 stations (ALL of which and ALL offices of which must be located in High Sec)

As a member of a new player alliance, I can say with 100% confidence that 95% of the players i’ve seen quit the game, are not only new players, but they quit specifically because the lack of options for a new player

it is not possible to compete with a high sec ganker crew of 100 loki’s war dec’ing your group of 10 miners… most new players cannot even set up a jump clone… so after being “undock camped” 10 times in a row in their pod by the group of 100, ten year veterans, in their tec3 cruisers, the new player is faced with few options:

1.) join a null group with 35,000, sign over all info to a ESI 3rd party check site, and beg them to come attack the guys who killed you, have them call you a spy, and then have them tell you that your goals dont matter because they have their own goals, that they now need you to help with.
2.) the player could give up having their own alliance, and spend the next 4 years mining in high sec trying to meet other new people, staying in the NPC groups, getting ganked only by NPC fleets and when they fly a corvette or ship with lower HP.
3.) they can quit the game, and download something else, uninstall

this is the reason that there is such a high % of “spy alts” in recruiter chats and in the game in general, because the only people who are ok with this sort of stuff, are people who have a 10 year old main account that can fly a tec3 loki LOL!


all you vets, you remember 10 years ago when you started? give us new players a game, where we can become ten year vets!

-Neffi Cake

Truly relentless these nerf PvP threads are. It is like fighting the tide.


:drum: I want a soapbox emoji!

They already gave you an opt-in box, its called anchoring a structure

Don’t really need to complicate that by adding pointless numbers, you either anchor a structure and become deccable or you don’t and you remain safe

Just because something is complicated that doesn’t make it any better


thats hilarious man… so youre saying that eve should just die and everyone should quit?

nah nerfing PvP would suck lol, the idea is to allow the thousands of people who quit because they dont buy into the vets BS, a place where they can still learn the game, including structures.

the problem with eve isnt the game man, its the bitter 10 year vets using ships the newbros cant even use to attack defenseless new players.

Like lets be real, if those guys wanted PvP, they have plenty of areas in Eve to PvP lol

they want easy as f zkill stats and they dont want to participate in PvP lol!

The newbros who anchor billion isk structures?

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I think you might need to learn to read, you don’t seem to be able to do it currently

Says the guy in this alliance about not knowing how to PVP.

I think we should have a test about your PvP abilities lol

lets have my grandma, in a loki, and put you in a corvette in a alpha account

and lets have you PvP my grandma and see who wins, best of 100


you think attacking non combat ships in high sec is PVP, and you say WERE the ones who dont know how to play eve LOLOL

me learning to read wouldnt help, see you didnt read what i said.

you offered a solution that is specifically listed in the reasons new players have told me they quit LOL

dude, you should check out MAchine Zone and AppLovin games. there are plenty of people who have enough money IRL to plex on their new game they enjoy… and anyway people having IRL money doesnt matter, what youre talking about isnt even really on subject

Are you high?

not at all, I just want Eve to be around long enough for my guys to fly a loki

Just use polarized catalysts.

Ship doesn’t matter. I had a Corp member, Newbro, flying a T3 destroyer with T2 mods, and all the skills. Got blown up first day he went to Low-sec for Faction warfare.

I thought this was about highsec.

it is

i would like to see 10 year vets in corvettes solo PvP new players in loki’s tho, that would be hilarious

watching all the vets get frustrated liek they do to new players lol!

Yes ofc they did, going to provide evidence?

Because CCP have evidence proving wardecs caused people to leave, i don’t see you doing anything other than whining that you can’t have a station without having to open yourself up to risk, because that is kind of the point, they don’t want a billion spammy stations everywhere, and its not a mechanic actual newbros need to worry about

So cite some sources