Current High Sec Fixes

Following are arguments for changes to eve, and their reasons for it

- Increase the weapon slots of raitaru and tataru by 1
- Increase the damage of missiles of each type by 65% of their current value
- Increase capacitor regeneration of medium stations by 35% and capacitor size by 30%

Small stations go out of energy far to quickly, and their defensive capability is far to weak for newer players. even with skills, the regeneration rates are far to experience. these change should give them more defensive ability to stop high sec war dec parties from abusing less experienced new players and corporations

  • Remove Consensual pvp from high sec. The only thing that should be left is mutual wars in high sec, you can leave non-mutual wars for low, null, wh space.

Sorry ccp, but if you cant recognize the massive alt spam as a significant sign that people do not want to pvp in high sec, you need to start terminating your management and UX designers for not providing you with the proper feedback

I cannot express how absolutely vital this is, i am at a loss of how ccp is allowing this to happen. ccp, i emplore you, you are killing your game and your company.



  • Cargo Scam Immunity

cargo scanners are important to eve, but its time freighters became immune. third part software invalidate this already hard, and isk demanding end game content for traders. this single mechanical option on traders make trading highly abused and suppressed. its already an issue that this form of game play is difficult to get into, unattractively boring, but to have the end game aspects of it invalidated, is a serious issue.

  • Create an upkeep isk/activity requirement for corporations, and set them to disband after 30 days of not meeting t hose rates. this should include rates at which people login, or some mechanic to tell if people are running multiple alts in an account to keep the corp active. include isk will help fight it.

this is a significant issue when it comes to the war dec system that is being abused by everyone with alt corps to avoid pvp thy do not want to do

Isn’t this prety much a summary of the past 4 topics you have made, that have all been locked, cause of your trolling and personal insults towards people who disagreed with you? You even went so far on your insulting and trolling, that you got your last alt banned from forums.
Will it be diferent this time, or are you only posting to trigger people?
As for your suggestions themself, they are all abysmally bad and show a huge lack of understanding how game mechanics affect the game world. While small citadels could be buffed for high sec (it would make the citadel spam even worse, as they would be harder to kill), it would also affect other parts of space where raitarus and astrahouses are already wayyyy too powerful.
When it comes to the rest of your ideas, I suggest you search youtube for a song called h.t.f.u by Permaband (a band made of ccp devs) and draw your conclusions from there as to what they think about your ideas for a more safer eve.

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