The New War System!

CCP, I love how your new changes to the war system protect your newer players, and give people a surefire way to avoid formal conflict, however, i’ve noticed a fatal flaw (in my opinion) in this new system.

Small corps with 0 structures are not war eligible under the new system. I’ve noticed MANY of these corps take to ganking mining ships in belts with destroyer sized vessels. Normally, this would be no problem, you just war dec the offending corp, and then proceed to make them regret the day they were born.

Under the new system, you can’t do that…so i’m curious…what is supposed to be the player response to situations like that?

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Gank them back?


That seems to be the most straightforward solution. Problem is, not everyone is willing to lose the sec status in order to retaliate in such a fashion. I think CCP ought to give us a way to retaliate against corps that gank, regardless of whether they own structures or not. The whole reason they made this change was to protect newer players, but they’ve just also given d-bags another loophole to hide behind. Seems kind of counter-productive to me if the whole goal in the first place was to attract new blood to the game.

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Would you also like a special badge that means no one can shoot you but allows you to blow people’s spaceships up by just wishing it happened when they looked at you wrong or are “d-bags” according to your opinion?

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Actions have consequences. But I will point out shooting criminals is allowed and has no consequences. Further killright are a thing.

But I would probably wait until the “permanent” war dec changes are announced before spending too much energy on this. The current status quo is just temporary and NPC corps where criminals could hide have always existed.

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What you’ve just described…is exactly what the gankers are doing LOL!

No, i’m all for fighting, thats how we settle things in EVE, that’s how it’s always been.

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that should address the “that’s what the gankers are doing” idea…

Pedro, i am 100% with you there brother. But the thing is…90% of the time they just dock up until the timer is gone. Re-ship into their dirt-cheap destroyers, and go right back to killing something 10x their value in 4 -6 seconds.

Like I said before, If i could just dec them, I wouldn’t be here. I’m all for slaying bodies.

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they do that 100% of the time if they want to keep ganking - as far as I remember, concord swoops in on you again if you undock red flashy in anything other than a pod.

I hear you. But they are largely free-to-shoot already, even without wars. You’ll need something more than the war mechanic to fight characters who the mechanics already offer up as free targets. Besides, it’s hard to imagine you’ll be more effective than the ever present Faction Police.

Highsec needs a rethink. From the ground up.

What if the ganker lost their pod if Concord caught them? Put a little more risk into the crime. I dont know how the ganking mechanics work, but what is really at risk for a criminal? Security stats, 3 dollar ship, and 15 min in a station? I really have no idea, Im snuggly :slight_smile:

How about the Criminal Timer for an individual doubles every time it’s invoked ? 15 minutes first time, 30 the second, an hour the third, and so on…


Personally, I think providing a mechanic that’s more fun than ganking would be a great way to stop it.

Ganking used to just be for cash grabs… and it wasn’t all that common.

It’s not really all that much fun.

Now it’s the only substantial PvP option left in highsec.

Now, if CCP just wanted to stop it, they could just dock skillpoints every time concord kills you. That would substantially increase both the expense and effort required to maintain gank alts and probably make it, like suspecting and war decs, to where it is just no longer worth the effort.

Then they’ll quit.

Then you guys can mine in peace forever… or until mining in peace gets boring.

Then you guys will quit.

Not sure that’s a good business decision for CCP, to be honest.


I just think the whole post is silly.

@OP you do realize there have always been NPC corps where gankers can hide from war decs. The new war rules have absolutely nothing to do with ganking. The only benefit now is for the gankers: they can stay in 0% tax corps as opposed to the npc 11% (not like their money making was happening with those toons anyways).

Actually the notion that ganking miners and miners quitting because they get bored and don’t get ganked is irrelevant.

Before there were barges we used to mine in battleships, cruisers, frigates, etc. Not too much ganking went on and the miners still kept mining away in their non-mining barge ships.

The best business decision that CCP made was too introduce mining barges. Even if ganking was severely limited by new rules, mining would never be replaced due to Faction War, Wormhole, Abysal along with other forms of PvP and PvE that keep the need for minerals a never ending process.

As a new player I get a venture.

I target an asteroid… and mine without further interaction action for 15 minutes. (Literally, I don’t click anything) Every 15 minutes, I have to renew my laser action and either return to ststion or jettison ore.

4 actions per hour.

Suppose nothing else happens. Nobody talks in local, I have nothing to fear. I have only my next ship to look forward to.

Am I retained in the long run?


I have a better solution, Make the sec status penalties MUCH more severe depending on the sec status of the system you’re ganking in. I don’t see any need to remove the threat completely, after all this is a sandbox, but if players were forced to choose their ganks more carefully or risk losing ISK as a result I think t hat would be a positive change for both ends of the spectrum. Juicy targets with valuable modules would become at greater risk of death, and the gankers wouldn’t have much of an incentive to go after less valuable targets.

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The result would be the same, just like can flipping or war declarations.

Once it gets to the point where the giggling dies and it feels like work, it’ll die outright.

Your option is to either have people doing it for their entire playtime or have it be so rare you only hear about it 3rd hand.

Have you seen any cans flipped lately? How about war fleets… seen any of those in the last month?

It’s either a playstyle or it’s not. We don’t login for “sometimes”.

Interesting question. As a relatively new player I experienced just that. But I also experienced being chased away from a Belt by Rats I knew I shouldn’t try to fight.

IMHO- the improvement that would make early mining less boring without it being so edgy that the risk itself gets annoying is to shorten the amount of time it takes to mine. Rat rates could be tweaked to vary a little more… So that some zones that seemed empty at one point have more activity at another visit, and it’s not all so predictable. But the changes I am suggesting are subtle… Not too much. And maybe mostly focused on the starter area content for the lowest level roids. So starting out doesn’t feel so tedious. But also doesn’t become a hassle too early on.

I hated can flippers. Human rats who would steal your ore if it was in a jet can.

But they made it interesting.

Every few weeks, me and my noob buddies would hatch a plan to try to kill one. Early attempts, for me, did not go well.

It it was someone to despise, someone to plot against, and a feeling of absolute and total panic when. One caught you vulnerable.

And my buddies laughed at me when they got me.

There is nothing so fascinating, engaging, and infuriating as a real person… capable of cunning, brilliance, and abject stupidity.

No NPC can do that.