High Sec war system

I just want to address one thing in the high sec war system. What I have found is that no one actually uses it the way it was intended. Everyone has their structures in alt corps. So what is the point in allowing it force players in the corp into combat. So far as i can see the high sec war system is just used to keep Null Sec corp members from going to high sec and doing business there. Furthermore its not being used for real warfare between high sec corporations but more so for structure bashing and extortion of high sec corporations who choose to have structures. It seems to me the war system should be designed to be used the way the players use them. Players of a corp should be allowed to opt out of a war. They already can by leaving the corp and coming back when the war is over. More importantly 90% of all wars are just wars against holding corps. So it’s all about structures and nothing more. Maybe you should have an option where the CEO can restrict a war to just the structures and not the members. Thus allowing the structures to be in the corp that uses them without engaging players. Or maybe people who wage war should be forced to declare war on the specific structure they intend to destroy instead of having access to blow up every structure the corp owns and harassing players who don’t want it and will just leave anyway to avoid it. This is anti-community, as players may choose not to come back and the corp then is emptied right when they are building their member base. I think the current war system empowers incumbent corporations and discourages new corporations from owning your new cgi docking bays. Or worse yet if they have a structure it may lead to a new corp being disbanded due to an unwanted war. I think during development it was intended to create content but players live in high sec for a reason. Wars don’t make sense right now. It’s all just anti-social garbage, and empowers the sociopathic structure extortionists who are well aware they destroy communities when they wage wars and gain a twisted satisfaction from it.

I would like to have a war option against people that do not know how paragraphs work.


Holy no space bar batman.

All I read was lets turn war decs back to how they used to be.

I agree :smiley:

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How do paragraphs work? Was there an appropriate change of topic in the above? Or do you only read comics books with childish levels of topic fragmentation? The average paragraph size is 200 words and this was 380 words, not exactly the largest one in known literary existence.

And this is why you will be ignored.

Now I also know you have a structure.

And where it is located.


let the war come down on them and press the tab button once

Don’t cry, that is what your kind lobbed for.

Don’t anchor what you can’t defend. It’s that simple…



if you were to follow that specifically then no one should anchor because i have not seen anyone other then the largest corps who are capable of defending against a persistent group. So the sociopaths win just because they are so persistent and annoying that it exhausts players who just want to enjoy the high sec game.

And whats your idea to fix that?

When I joined the game in 2009 it was exactly like it is now: bigger guys wardec smaller guys to curbstomp them and farm killmails, loot and salt. smaller guys try to blueball them or get obliterated.

No matter what CCP changed over the years, nothing has ever changed that and I honestly think nothing can change that because thats exactly why players even use the wardec system. There are players in EVE that want to build sandcastles and players that want to kick in sandcastles, and these will maximize their efficiency doing it with maximum gain and minimum risk no matter what rules or mechanics you invent for doing it.


To be fair though smaller guys also wardec bigger guys to farm kills.

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I think the system is already too restrictive. It leads to people hopping in and out of wardec corps just for station battles. I’d have it so that all corps are war eligible if any one corp is. That would put the cat among the pigeons and make it all a lot more exciting and a lot more combat.

I think even CCP itself does not know what the main purpose of the WarDec System should be or how it should work. They can observe for many years now that no matter how they change it, it is basically only used to enforce PVP on people who don’t want PVP and barely can even fight the guys who declare on them at all. So it’s just a legit extortion system and extremely frustrating for the targeted corporations/alliances because the only real defense is hardcore blueballing and granting the attackers as little kills/loot as possible. Else the wardecs will never end. At least you can “opt-out” now by deciding not to have a structure in space.

Dunno if they think thats good game design or if they just don’t care or simply have no idea how to change it to a better system.

I would argue that people should not have a structure in space if they cannot defend it. I mean, structures are essentially all about grabbing a claim to space or resources. It should not be something one can just do lightly.


Shhh, you’ll upset the high sec krabs that just want EVE to be a single-player game they can play in peace…



That’s also how things go in low, null, and I believe J space as well. You toss up structures, you deal with local power politics. Someone nearby is a big shark. Unless that shark is you, that means it’s time to start planning for player interactions in the sandbox. Beat ‘em (gain tons of members to defend, pay mercs to defend for you, or pay them off, make fights unfun and boring for attackers, be as annoying a defender as possible as a form of defense, etc) or join ‘em (move your corp to their alliance, fold into an existing corp of theirs, join their coalition, etc).

Eve’s power structures have always been a Feudal game. The whole expectation of “I ignore everyone else, so everyone else ought to ignore me” is being naive at best, presumptuous and demanding at worst. There’s a feudal lord nearby and they want powerful vassals.

High sec gets no exceptions because it’s a fully fleshed zone like any other. It ain’t an Albion blue zone.


Yennoe, how exactly are you justifying this medical diagnosis?

Can you demonstrate, sight unseen and un-evaluated, that you can diagnose someone with sociopathy purely on them playing a vidya game by it’s intended rules?

I mean I know you can’t, and you probably don’t know BIMs from a hole in the ground, but its always interesting how people throw this word around and have no actual understanding of it :smiley:


Structures should not be a criteria for war, not sure what it should be or how you stop the griefing like we had before but like the op said what we have is mostly pointless.