High sec needs more war decs

There needs to be an option to war dec a corporation which does not own any structures.


Then there would be no high sec or low sec. Itd all just be nullsec.

Which means it’d all become a bunch of political trash from old farts pretending to be great


Why not just get a spy into their corp and anchor a structure in their name?

No, phase II involves getting rid of local and stargates.


Regardless people just create war dec proof alternative corps to move around in

The mechanic serves its function of making high sec structures targetable while pilots can remain relatively uninvolved


Is that really a ‘goal’ in EVE?


It creates the fun and lucrative business of suicide ganking.

Null is boring as shjt because nothing happens out there.

Are you a ‘suicide’ ganker?

I’m the next best thing. A forum troll


I hate to say it. Scoots offers an interesting idea.

As for war in high sec…subsidize catalyst fleets to hit non-valuable targets if your goal is to harass “enemy” pilots?

Shouldnt be too costly over all.

…so do exactly what I said and put a spy in their (alternative) corp and anchor a structure in their name…???

I know. But repeating it starts to get silly and just seems to remind peeps of the purpose of wardecs which is to clear actual structures.

But there’s a lot of strategies.

Yellow baiting comes to mind too

…so you’re saying that a simple answer to a simple question is “silly” if you repeat it?

This is not really true.

This is… completely unrelated to what OP was asking for. You can’t bait people who straight up don’t care about your bait.

Yes. Cuz they will just repeat their silly response lol. Merry go round.

The OPs vague on their intent. Maybe they have aggressors/competition who would take a yellow bait opportunity on someone.

Maybe bait proc it or something. Just spitballing the many ways people get around the rules in High sec

How about we just change the rules?

There was no structure requirement for wars until citadels came out, and things were just fine.

Would need specific roles for that, and also, the directors would be able to get rid of the structure.

When you infiltrate and make it to that level of leadership, you no longer need the ability to wardec the target.


I am pretty sure that CCP had a brainstorm session and decided that attackers had to have a structure. Somehow the dev team misunderstood and decided that the target had to have a structure, too.


But war decs back then were also much more expensive yes?

Now you got corps running 200 wars at once.

I’m pretty sure that CCP has no idea why people even play this game.