Wardec Nerf incoming

After years of ignoring countless threads of wardecers that called for CCPs attention to revamp wars because they broke them completely by removing the watchlist to protect their nullbros titans… they decide to rush a “fix” to a 6 year old game mechanic because obviously they didn’t have enough time to come up with a proper solution in this short time frame.

Anyway, we have all seen this coming. The real question is what will people cry about next now that they can have corps that can’t be wardeced? My money is on demands to allow station deployment without giving up wardec protection.


The initial changes gonna hit december yeah. Hope this is just part of a bigger rebalance, meaning something is going to get nerfed in return. Either highsec in general or the ability to create corps or something.

I guess, one just gotta be patient and wait for start 2019 and see.

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Hopefully a revamp by Fanfest. That would be good.

It’s a temporary measure.

They saw wars with objectives/structures were more interesting and are doing what they can now in the short term.

This doesn’t necessarily mean this is the future. I saw it more as a duct tape fix until the materials and tools for a proper fix are available.

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It’s a quick and dirty workaround that essentially achieves social corps, but not every corp without a structure is bothered by wardecs, with many knowing how to handle them in various ways that mean business as usual. not logging off.

How it ends up depends on how CCP balances the change, the lazy fix is to put in a wardec switch, much like the awox switch; making it non-permanent would be an issue though, some will love it, others will detest it.


I’m sure the Griefers will grieve over their lowered ability to grief.


I’m sure the carebears will claim that right before they formulate their next demands in the following sentence.


Umm, yeah, the Catalyst has too much DPS, lower that pleaze.


The n+1 problem. A classic


Shouldn’t we be able to hire full-time Concord escorts as well,

And no, not the type of "escort’ you were thinking of… :roll_eyes:

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But now I think of it… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

What 90% of wardec corps do is entirely within the rules of the game, and the ones that do break the rules do it in unrelated ways.

It isn’t griefing by Eve standards, griefing is running a newbfarm with an horrendous tax rate and using them to boost your personal RL income; yes some guy actually did this.

Personally I think this will be an own goal if CCP don’t balance it, and keep the affected parties in the loop. I believe @CCP_Falcon is on the wardec discord, it would be interesting to be a fly on the wall in there right now…


Sometimes high tax rates are to “limit” PvE’ing on “company” time.

Too bad they then tell people to only go do missions and rats and then drama lama whenever someone loses anything to anyone. Also, better keep those ships docked when a wardec comes.

Let’s not fool anyone here. There are plenty of corps out there attempting to take advantage of newbros and making them the CEO’s personal isk bots.


That may be so, but in this particular case it was indeed griefing.

Some may role play at being “evil” in game, but they have standards and morals too, this was bang out of order by any of them.



Gotta love the Low Sec pirate PvE’ing while the rest of his alliance mates were gate-camping, in the same system, only to lose his expensive PvE ship to Rats. He was too embarrassed to ask for help when he got warp scrammed by some Rat.

You referencing my recent awesome death to the overwhelming power of the npc mining fleet?

Let me give you the whole run down.

So what happened was, that after coming back from a loooooong break from eve. I took out a kestrel to see if I could find some easy AFK miners in Nieril. Seemed like a good system for that. A lowsec in a highsec pocket. A pretty dead area in general. Perfect spot to tempt those greedy highsec miners.

So I enter the system and what do I see on my d-scan? A porpoise you say? I d-scan it down to an asteroid belt and initiate warp. Remember, I’ve just returned from a long break. So I was like “A porpoise sitting in a random belt? Is it Christmas already?”.

I land on grid and indeed there is a ship on the overview. I lock it up and start shooting…

A little over halfway through the enemies shield and suddenly a wild fleet of npcs warp right on top of us. I get scramed, web, neuted and dunked. And I’m sitting there like “Wtf just happened? Some new baiting tactic using npc mining fleets I don’t know about?”.

I ask around on different chat channels and no one even seemed to understand wtf I was talking about. Instead they keep referencing youtube videos on how to kill the npc mining fleets. Nothing regarding using them as bait.

Finally, I turn to my game logs. Turns out, that I did after all fire upon a npc mining ship and not the porpoise I thought that I engaged. The porpoise very likely warped out before I managed to land on grid. Bummer.


No, I was referencing something from many years back, far more expensive, something in the billions IIRC.

He moved on to, “other” opportunities shortly after that.

K. Totally misunderstood your post there. Sorry about that :D.

You gotta say that you just mean some random dude. I mean, I have no idea who the hell you are talking about and now my misadventure is out there for all to see.

Took out the insult parts, since we where not throwing mud at each other. Was so down for some forum warrioring though. Too eager.

No worries, it happens to the best of us at times.

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