Bittervets vs carebears: Wardec rebalance edition

So with the initial changes coming december and the knowledge we currently have. How do you think this will play out in the end?

Will we see the bittervets continue to moan about how EvE has gotten soft and how it all was better in the old days, while the carebears rejoice about how finally CCP has heard their cries and how eve enters a new era of peaceful prosperity and cooperation?

Or will we see a future where highsec structures will be burning all over highsec, increasing the barrier of entry to setup a citadel in highsec, resulting in the carebears returning to the forums with their cries on how it is so hard for the “little guy” and how the wardec mechanic should be further nerfed?

Or maybe we will see something completely different?


I think carebears will cry about how war dec corps come for their structures and nothing but their precious structures. War dec corps will now have a really nice tool to find these corps and shut down anyone who wants to use them to build things for their buddies. It is going to be glorious. I say that this “nerf” is going to make it ever harder for the carebear to compete with other groups in the industry sector, and that’s good. Null sec needs more turnover for their products and less competition.


Carebears will just continue crying for the next nerf.


It fixes very little tbh, the weak will still get slaughtered. While the Infamous 4 will continue to farm them.


Doesn’t matter what CareBears or bitter geezers think, with the new purchase pearl is going to want blood from this turnip so I see things going to more safety for high sec and they will try and balance this by encouraging more conflicts in low as they seed more opportunities to get the power blocks to slug it out over low sec.

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Carebears will rejoice, now they will be able to create massive multibox fleets in Corp A to mine or rat without any danger (except a gank), while their single alt in Corp B controls the refinery or other structure. Some will say “there were always NPC corps”, but anyone who controls a large amount of characters understands that having one corp hanger will be a godsend for logistics.

Carebears will rejoice because now multiboxers will control ice belts and no other player will be able to do anything about it, unless you bump the anchor or do other little annoying things. Basically what this does, especially in the mining area is hurt the single little miner and provides a huge buff to multibox mining fleets as they swallow up belts unchecked. I don’t think people realize how much easier it is to have one corp with 20 members over 20 separate NPC characters.

War Dec corps will be pretty much business as usual. All they have to do is sit in the pipes, figure out which characters have structures and war dec them. There is no requirement to kill any structures, so it’s basically pipe and hub camping as usual.

The whole “re-balance” is a complete waste of time.


Probably this. Eve is a full-time PvP sandbox game, and if you remove/nerf/“balance” one mechanism of player interaction, those looking to interact with other players will use another. We have seen this time and time again. Nothing will stop this, and given Eve Online’s core idea is a player-driven sandbox where everything is player controlled and destructible, there will always be players who lose an imaginary toy they attach too much value to and come to the forums complaining of “balance” or “think of the children!” or even “Eve is dying” and the must be given more safety immediately!

Don’t get me wrong, I think it a great idea to give more space to players who don’t want to, or can’t, deal with wars. But many of them are going to leave that war-free space eventually and place a structure, and war is going to find them - CCP has, and is going to continue to make owning a structure quite the juicy carrot to draw the bunnies out of their warrens. And then they will resume their complaining that non-consensual PvP found them and ask for just One More Nerf™ so that everything will finally be perfectly balanced.

But that’s the game - it’s inherently anti-carebear. We build things so that they can be destroyed. And other players, who just want to watch the world burn, are the largest source of this entropy in New Eden. You plug one method, the meta will shift, and they will find another way to destroy things and even the most timid bunny rabbit will get caught up in that wave of destruction on occasion.


Makes sense. Could definitely also be the end result.

The idea of huge mining fleets not having any counter except for ganking was something I pointed out myself to someone that found the notion of “combating miners” hilarious. But yeah, in this new system you can’t really efficiently evict someone in highsec that just decides to vacuum any mining resources in a system.


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Neither win if it results in lost subscriptions, which I can safely say is already happening on both sides.

Unfortunately yes.
It’s a change mostly for the protection of the lazy and ignorant.
The ignorant are those that think they have to stay out of the game during a war or those who get killed because they don’t know how to protect themselves, how wars really work or even know they are at war.
The lazy are those who know what they should do in war times or before to avoid getting decced, but rather complain and stay logged off instead.
The fact that the amount of people in those groups is already so big that it has a siginificant impact on overall player retention is pretty sad.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for war dec changes to make wars meaningful conflicts again. But the real problem that led to the current state is not a flawed game mechanic, but rather people on both sides of a war dec.


This is a common misinterpretation of the change. The change is not intended to make EVE into a PvE game, but this is exactly what some want to understand the change as. So we’re definitely going to see those bittervet complaints.

More structures burning doesn’t sound too bad, considering we have plenty of them, but the issue is always how bad can one do damage to the game from a player perspective. The so called “Big Five” who have been given the blame for the December change were only playing the game by its rules and the rules don’t change all that much. So the risk is still present.

The future of high-sec seems however positive. PLEX price is already climbing faster towards the holiday season than last year. Players seem to be speculating on an increase in player numbers. In other areas can we see price drops such as ice where the focus on structures will dampen the demand for structure fuel. All mining but moon mining will become less risky when one is safe from wardecs and will see an increase in output. Moon ores will see a price increase and players will “steal” moon ores from corporations in high-sec more often as moon mining becomes more profitable and possibly overtakes ice mining. Fees and taxes at player stations will see a small increase.

I’m wondering what RedFrog will do. Might be for the first time that all their pilots can join into a single corporation and no longer have to be sitting in NPC corps, should they decide to get rid of their structures or outsource them.


No one cares about the structures in Hi Sec except for those couple of structures near the trade hubs. These are the only important structures because hundreds of billions of ISK are earned here.
It is the biggest and safest source of passive income in the game and it is the place where big corporations are struggling.
All other structures are irrelevant and all these lobbying around the structures in WarDec are due to these highly profitable structures near trade hubs.
Carebears have nothing to do with it. it is all about high politics and big profits.


RF and other hauling corps will likely still use their current setup with out-of-corp characters doing the actual hauling. Freighter-ganking is happening all the time and by being in a well known hauling corp, you’re painting a large target on the back of your freighter.

What is this like the 8th topic on the same subject?

Even the blood we used to get off beating this dead horse has long turned to dirt.

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Well, I see a lot of topics on the changes and arguments for and against.

This is more what effect people predict the changes to have on the game as they are announced in their current form. Maybe people have touched on those issues in the other threads. Tried to keep track of them, but kinda got burrowed in all the mud people where throwing after a short while.

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I predict that this will not be the last time this topic has a thread opened on it.


uh… no.

All I see here are whiny bittervets crying about whiny carebears.

You guys ain’t that different!



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