December Wardec Change

They indicated in Vegas that they were going to change war dec but I have not seen anything official since?

They said “more details will come in the next week or so” in the last eve pulse video on the 30th.

So hopefully we’ll see a dev blog soon.

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I better get supplies in then, this could be interesting:

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It will be interesting, they are trying to code around peoples intentions, that never turns out well :slight_smile:

This is official. Dough no any further information about changes.

What worries me is that I don’t really see this as a long term solution that anyone will ultimately be happy with. It looks more like something that treats the symptom of an underlying disease.

Now, I do not declare war on others, and few others have ever declared war on me. I prefer peace to war, and diplomacy to gunfire to get what I want. My experience with wardecs is therefore somewhat lacking. I just want to put that out there so you all know before I get on a soap box.

There’s a lot of mention of ‘the little guy’ when justifying the needs of changes like this. Indeed, I think we do need to empower the little guy, too, but how I would go about it differs from this in an almost diametrically opposed way.

‘The little guy’ is almost always painted to be some peaceful industrialist, or a small group of them, minding their own business and engaging in some PvE here and there. What about, though, the little guy who wants some PvP action? Do we think about them? I do. I don’t want to run afoul of their wardecs, necessarily, but I enjoy a varied and vibrant universe with lots of little groups more than I can appreciate a few monolithic alliances and what they might be up to.

Someone has to stir up trouble. Someone has to raise the call to arms. If we want to think about the ecosystem of the little guy, we need aggressive little guys, too. They’d be perfectly good surmountable foes to serve as a wake up call that space is dangerous. A lesson you can’t learn too early in Eve.

Making wardecs harder or restricting their scope seems to play into the hands of larger and established groups that can bypass those limitations more easily. It raises the odds that suicide ganking will be the only option for handling a dispute or defending a claim, and I really think there should be other options at a player’s disposal. Especially the little guy who has the fewest to begin with.

I will be pleasantly surprised if things don’t get less colorful. I am not unsympathetic to folks who are mercilessly wardecced with no apparent purpose, but I don’t think ‘You were wardecced because we can’t wardec anybody else’ would be a satisfying replacement for what we’ve got.


This is what highsec used to be like. Back in the day, canflipping and ninja salvaging provided opportunities for “little guys” to get started down a villainous career path with little to no SP. Even wardecs, back when they only cost 2 million isk per week, were an accessible activity for new players. All of these things have gone away, and the highsec ecosystem is much less healthy as a result.

When we “bittervets” complain about proposals for additional nerfs to highsec pvp, its because we’ve been down that road many times before and seen the harmful impact it has on the game.


There isn’t much to code around, if you own a structure you can be war decced, if you don’t, you can’t, so i’m not sure what intentions you think need to be handled, structures already can’t be transferred during an active war and even if you do dec a target they can still just sidestep the war as appropriate, its not like you’re going to find random keepstars to shoot at so it becomes fairly worthless as cheap unfit structures aren’t exactly worth the effort in terms of padding a killboard

There’ll be a dev blog before the end of the week :slight_smile:


New Eden stay rotten

Awesome looking forward to reading it, o7.


eh? EH??


War DeckCember? :smirk:



Is there any feedback on the wardec changes?

What’s it like war target camping in hi sec?

Whats it like being free from war deccing?

Opinions please.

I’m halfway into a jug of homemade Irish creme (using Canadian whiskey because to hell with all of you) and can’t see any changes… oh no! Aaaaaaarg…

Wrong forum. You come here for ages, don’t you?. By now you know there is a dedicated topic for feedback, no?

FFS, use your brains for a change! Devblog: War Declaration Changes - The War Adjacent to Christmas

@Nicolai_Serkanner Thanks for your help.

Try to keep cool though, stress is very very bad for you.


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