New Wardec mechanics - can't wait!

Trying to make any assumptions here and going based on what I have been reading in local chats, if the new wardec system will allow the corporation getting a wardec to simply surrender before the war even starts, will the corp making the wardec be able to set a certain fee or will it be a fixed rate?

And is it really reasonable for the surrender timer to be 30 days? Couldn’t it be based on how much is paid? Say two weeks, 4 weeks or 8 weeks?

On another note, if multiple corps can wardec the same corp, won’t the corp getting wardec’d run out of ISK? Or will there be some sort of inclusion, during the surrender period it can’t be wardeced at all.

Lots of questions :slight_smile:



I have heard nothing of this. Do you have a link?

Wardecs just mean I stop playing, but I stayed logged in a station to provide content. Changes to wardecs might be good or bad, but I don’t see any sign of it happening.

Wishful thinking.

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I’v heard that the more member’s of the war starter alliance die during the war the higher the cost to keep the war going, so if people want to end a war they have to keep fighting back till the initiators go broke.

I hear you will be forced to login and undock when at war. It will literally turn on your computer with a magical internet button and kick your ship out of the station if you dare to go to work or sleep and not defend your stuff.


Something about you lighting up like a bright beacon for everyone to see if you afk longer than 5 minutes.


A declaration of war should have purpose and meaning, otherwise just call it a free-pass for high-sec pvp bullies. That is all Marmite et al are… bullies. Nothing more, nothing less.

Should be plain and simple.

$500M per wardec.

Limit of 5 wardecs per corp/alliance based on CEO Wardec Skill level.

End of story.


I heard that if you say ‘Kannibal Kane’ three times into a mirror, he will appear and wardec you. I’m too scared to try, but does anyone know if this is true?




You can already do that, though. Its called closing your corporation down.

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Creating a corporation should also have purpose and meaning too.

I would be in favor of increasing the cost and limiting wardecs, if there is an equivalent cost increase and limit to corporation hopping, too.

$1 Bill per Creating a corporation.

Limit of changing and joining a new corp once every 3 months.

To be continued.


Or, it could randomly eject your items and ships out of the station, lootable by anyone, if you dont log-in/undock for x amount of times during war. Im fine with this mechanic too.

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This is literally all that is needed to fix wardecs.


I thought they would only make corporations with an anchored station able to be wardecced…

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To figure out if you are afk the system prompts with “I am not a robot” every 5 minutes.

You rang? :slight_smile:

Why complicate things…

2 mil for the first dec, 4 mill for the second and 6 mil for the 3rd.

**Corps and alliances can only wardec 3 corps at a time. Defenders and attackers can add each other on watch lists. ** Defending corp can only have 1 incoming wardec at a time and call on as many defenders as they can afford.

TADAAAAAA… wars fixed.

This brings back the small deccing corps that competed against each other and actually fought each other. Allows defending corps to actually fight back as well.


The summoning is complete, the seal is broken. A dark age is upon us!

Thx Noragen Neirfallas :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


It’s okay to admit that you’re a wimp and everyone steps on you.