The Road to Nerfdom: Highsec's Carebear Future

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. James 315 is all-knowing and we should all look to him for guidance in our lives.

In 2013 we’d just seen the barge buff, -yet another in a long line of nerfs to Highsec aggression- and the Savior of Highsec wrote an article for that predicted the future (accurately, as always). (part 2 of a 3 part series)

Though it served it’s purpose as a dire forewarning about a creeping safe Highsec, the main goal of this article seemed to be persuasion.

He wasn’t trying to persuade carebears that a safe highsec would be bad, no, he knew they were as hopeless then as they are now. He was trying to persuade the PVPers and PVP advocates -the people who actually liked EVE for what it was- that a safe highsec was even conceivably possible, so outlandish was this idea in 2013.

The very idea that EVE may one day turn it’s back on the open-world PVP that has defined it since launch was laughably ridiculous, an eye-roll, to so many of us.

Alas, the accuracy of the Savior’s predictions is also his curse.

" I’m used to hearing skeptics criticize me for thinking “the sky is falling” just because highsec has been headed toward carebear land. They agree that CCP is driven by the profit motive. But they some think that the profit motive will prevent CCP from removing aggression from highsec. In their view, CCP recognizes that EVE is a niche game with a unique playerbase. Turning EVE into a theme park MMO would be financial suicide, so CCP wouldn’t be tempted.

My own view is that CCP believes they can have their cake and eat it, too. That is, they can have a perfectly safe highsec in which they cater to the teeming masses of MMO carebears, and they can have a unique, dangerous game in lowsec/nullsec. I think CCP intends to use the “sandbox” aspect of the game for marketing purposes, while also accommodating carebears in highsec. They can use the lure of news articles about fantastic emergent gameplay to boost EVE’s profile, and then give the new customers what they really want: absolute safety."

What do you guys think? Are we on the road the nerfdom? Inevitably headed toward a safe Highsec?

Do you think Pearl Abyss executives will save Highsec dwellers from gankers, wardecs and all other perpetrators of fun from inflicting emergence upon them?

After learning just what kind of game they’ve purchased, will PA pave over this cess-pool and put up a nice shiney themepark with rubber bumpers on all the sharp corners?
Will they simply roll ganker alts and join CODE.?

I don’t know, but I know the Savior of Highsec will see us through it.
Go with the Code.


Let’s hold hands and sing ( all together now )

Hub Campers and Gankerrsss
All of them gone
Nothing but blue skies
From now on


Here let me sum this up for condensed reading.



well Sir Cryalot games evolve… and evolution is not about being stronger/better is about survival… just look to the dinosaurs, one day the mighty rulers of the world now just a bunch of chickens :slight_smile: they evolved to stay alive…

… don’t mind me I’m here just for the memes


Self fulfilling prophecy isn’t prediction.

I predict everyone will lose their license to drive in the near future. Better go out and drive really fast and do a lot of drifting and running from cops before that happens.

Lets make a high sec gank corp that destroys billions in assets daily while only losing a few million. We better get all the ganks we can in now before they nerf it.

Keep ganking though. I am curious how whiny gankers will get about something they bring on themselves.


In real life you have the DNR there to set rules so you don’t hunt Bambi to extinction. In EvE, CCP had to set a rule to protect Bambi since the cowardly hunters were hunting him particularly into extinction. While not actually stopping hunting and actually growing the herd for everyone, some hunters will still cry rivers of tears for Bambi was the only deer they could kill.


You can’t actually call hub campers hunters. I still believe that just outright banning those “five corps” they were mentioning would be the best way to go. There’s no reason to punish everyone, or change things for everyone, for what a few assholes are doing.

It sends the proper message and the outcry would be minimal, if even existing. BUT I am fully for a complete revamp anyway… plus banning the assholes. :blush:

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Holy crap did I just like a Sol Project post?



Hahahahahahaha :smiley:

Your avatar has a cute face. :blush:

There was a time when people would make fun of the guy who hauls 20 plex in their shuttle and goes afk, and the ganker would be applauded for doing so.

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Please point me towards where I touched you.

Wall of CODE. Didn’t read.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Blah blah blah.

J oke
A ll
M iners
E ntertain
S arcastically
315 days of the year.

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Can’t write what I wanted, would just get me banned. :blush:


Part of me wants to see the “safe” Highsec… the HS were nothing of interest really happens, where the economy falls to bits as new market hubs are established in LS and Null, offering better prices than the HS markets… drawing the station traders and the JF pilots to them. The gates between HS and LS will be camped, perpetually clamping down on trade goods from HS. As the economy falls, HS will become a joyless slum where your work has little reward. They will scream, they will want the ISK, they will want the markets, and we will look at them… smile… and burn them all.

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Probably ran into one of my elite pvp colleagues :popcorn:

You’re right… We should have made a concerted effort to win less and be less awesome. :frowning:


I have to confess brother that I was not active enough in the last months. Maybe if we shed some more carebear blood we can still halt this trajectory or at least slow it down. I shall return to my duties soon and bring the wrath of James 315 down on this heathens.


Each time they nerf us, we just redouble our efforts.

Such is the strength of the Code.

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By posting twice as much stupidity in the forum?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses: