If I took All The Carebears

Lets say I start a new space game. Mining online or something. All the carebears leave EVE to play in perfect safety.

What would you elites do?

  • Buy randomized loot boxes of minerals for cash
  • Buy pre-built ships for much cash
  • Buy randomized fitting loot boxes for cash
  • Buy pre-fit ships for much cash

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So PvP’ers cannot do industry?



First closet carebear post.

Depends on how you define “carebear”.

Seems like you define it as a PvE’er or industrialist. If you think that a PvE’er and PvP’er are mutually exclusive, then we have a different perception of how eve can be played.

Anyway, that garbage forum content CCP Falcon talked about. This thread is part of that.


Join your new game and find a way to mess with everyone.


You do understand that the entire carebear meme is not about mining or doing industry, but about people pretending this isn’t a PVP game? Don’t you?


All the elite PVPs would leave EVE because they don’t have any targets left to hunt or use as bait to create an escalation of warping in stupid PVPs or use as an excuse to roam space. The less competent PVPs no ratters and the more competent PVPs no less competent ones to farm.

Only daft people would ever think that EVE without PVEers had anything to offer for PVPs. You are one of these daft people. But you can be helped: You are still in SWA. which offers an Combat in the Age of Capsuleers course every Friday on Luminaire Prime. You should go visit that course. Maybe you learn something that helps you out of your misery. :slight_smile:

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You don’t seem to understand that most people who enjoy PVP, like me, are not able to finance that activity on PVP only. I do PVE for money, and given i understand how, where and why people attack “carebears” in hisec, my bears alts are perfectly safe.


Misses the option: We’d mine and build our ships ourselves.

Which is exactly what would happen, because it would be fun competing for the resources.


Most bears are incapable of having an open mind. Instead they believe that everyone lives in a small box doing one thing only. They can’t comprehend that we are inclusive and they’re actually the bad guys who want to destroy parts of the game and push others away.


Useless poll. Where’s the:

Continue doing industry/exploration/PI between PVP fleets?


As a bear myself; rejoice that they’re gone and enjoy Eve for what it is.


Considering the mountainload of players complaining about the moon mining change from passive income to actually having to collect that ISK, I could guess at least they don’t like doing actual mining. Most probably they also don’t have optimal skills for doing industry and mining, of course SP can be bought these days though…

Someone mining my ore at a moon would be having a really hard time doing so. The vast majority of people I know around here would simply deal with ore thiefs. It’s not "PvP"ers who perceive themselves as helpless against others. Your generalized claim that "PvP"ers whine about ore thiefs makes no sense.

Skills can be skilled, or bought. Not everyone’s obsessed with their character existing for one purpose only, with only the skills that absolutely perfectly fit for it.

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Uh… I said nothing about ore thieves. People (and specifically PvP focused alliances) were complaining about having to recruit miners and industrialists now.
The moon goo threads are probably still up there somewhere in the information portal, and reddit, if you just care to look.

I actually drafted a few answers but none of them was really able to address the cringe in OP’s post.

so this is just going to be a big yikes from me

y i k e s

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Why do you think that?

You assume, that PvP characters cannot also have skilled into industry for their isk generation. Industry and PvP are not mutually exclusive things.

With CCP changing their game to focus around structures and keeping those as lucrative “objectives” to be fought over, it looks like it would be even more common than ever to see characters both skilled in PvP and industry. You need PvP skills to defend the structures, while you need industry skills to make use of the structures.

Anyway, this threads point of “Oh, if carebears leave there will be no one left to inject the game with assets, ergo they can only be injected with IRL money lootboxes” seems, in my opinion, rather far-fetched.


Even if they haven’t there’s plenty of industrialists and miners that aren’t carebears.

A carebear being someone who demands the game change for no reason other than to suit them, rather than change the way they play to suit the game.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure we have the same understanding of the term “carebear”. Which is why this thread makes no sense.

Carebears and asset production does not really have anything to do with each other.

Confirming, carebear is an attitude. Not an activity.

I spend most of my time in game doing mining and industry. But if you multi-box with a ton of covetors I’ll bump you and steal your cans. That and my feelings towards ganking and wardecs is pretty clear.

If all you bears leave i guess I’ll just make even more isk.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.