So, am considering returning to the game

And well, I want to screw around annoying risk-free carebears in hisec.

Is that an ok thing to want to do in a “supposedly”, freeforall, sandbox mmo game ?

I was initially going to hunt suspect Tier 5 Abyssal runners, but since that got scrapped, what am I left with:

Suicide ganking ? Not really my style, unless I get something good in return, be it some good salt and/or loot.

Permabumping ? Again, could go for, but not unless I have a group I could take part with to explode the bear with and collect his corpse/pixel-belongings.

Any more ideas ? What’s left to do that is fun and unexpected as an Eve pirate these days ? Anything ? Need I hurry back to my little lowsec pirate box/category in a gatecaming Gnosis ? ha …



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Not much. It’s all gone now but suicide ganking, mission/suspect baiting, and shooting highsec structures. Of these, pretty much only the middle one is a realistic option for a solo, non-multiboxing player.

You could try to mess with them in other ways like mining out their asteroid from under them or invading their missions and stealing the objectives, but highsec is pretty much completely sterilized now.

I’ll leave it to the reader to decide for themselves how that has turned out for the health of the game, but that’s where we are. Perhaps you will have more success living the pirate lifestyle in lowsec.

That is all indeed quite sad, turning away at a potential playerbase eh ?

I find lowsec piracy too consensual, as in “this is where you should be, naughty pirate” consensual, and boring.

Any groups actively pursuing suicide ganking freighters and whatnot still ? Multiboxing could be an option but I have to be sure, how are bumping mechanics these days ? Unspoiled I hope ?

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CODE. and Miniluv still gank freighters on occasion, but it isn’t like it was in the past. Whether that is because the prey got good, or just left highsec (or the game entirely) is open to debate. And given how cheap skill extractors make running alts, the ganking meta has shifted to massively multiboxed fleets so the public ganking fleets of say five years ago aren’t really a thing any more sadly.

You can still bump though if you want, and see if you can get a ransom or tears. And if you do by luck tackle a juicy freighter and batphone the right people who have access to a multiboxing gankfleet or can ping enough F1 monkeys, you should get a cut of the booty if you play your cards right.

CODE. also will still band together in smaller groups to go after miners, typically though only the rare ones that provide interesting killmails. Still, you might find a fleet to join in the minerbumping channel, and you don’t even need to join a CODE. corp.

Otherwise, you could look up one of the groups extorting and inflicting non-consensual interactions on highsec structures. That can produce tears or loot, but usually just involves a boring structure grind. Still, at least it would be done with people to chat to. Or join up with the last highsec merc group, and camp the pipes and hubs looking for clueless fools. The recent war changes though mean there are much less targets but people still do dumb things and get themselves exploded by PIRAT.

Honestly, even though CCP has clamped down on the avenues for highsec content creation, it seems more to me that it is the general decrease in highsec activity in recent years that is making highsec a boring place for the piratical-minded. But longer term, if you really want the tools to play the aggressor in highsec, I suggest you start training up a collection of alpha accounts. Once you get them to 5M SP, you can start SP farming them and take them Omega and have a essentially free multiboxing gank fleet at your disposal. That will open a bunch of doors to interact with carebears that think CONCORD makes them invulnerable.




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I have seen kill mails of ganked blingy abyss runners, and it’s been done with as few as 2 nados. There does seem to be profit in it.

I loved that too, was about to start a community as it was killed. The “temporary” was another lie by CCP.

I do have some ideas regarding suspect baiting, and hunting suspect baiters after the neutral logi change, but couldn’t find the motivation yet.

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Could I be of any help with that perhaps ?

You can also kick around with ninja salvage/maybe looting in the recent Triglavian invasion, see if you can kick up some action that way.

Or go watch Olmeca Gold’s ‘the Whaler’ video and learn how to kick over some real anthills, instead of hiding in high sec to be safe, while pretending you’re a ballsy bad-guy I guess.

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