Is piracy a thing anymore?

It seems most of the major pvp groups either float around null sec or WHs. I’m just curious whether there are any major piracy groups out there that float anywhere they can get loot?

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Yeah, though a lot of corps like that end up being the hisec wardec corps that camp hisec gates and kill haulers or whatever comes their way. Kind of cheap and silly.


I just returned from a 2 year hiatus so im a little out of date but the big ones were Shadow Cartel, Snuff Box and I’m pretty sure Tuskers are still around. Thats just from the Cal/Gal war zone I frequent. I’m sure there are others in the Min/Amarr side as well.

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Another pirate post :slight_smile: The answers stay the same :slight_smile:

Yeah but i didn’t have the heart to tell him that nobody bothers to ransom anymore. :slight_smile:


With pirate you mean, shoot everything on sight for fun? Sure, plenty of those in lowsec, prey and hunter. If you want to kill ships for ISK, you probably better join highsec ganking or merc groups.

I rarely hear stories about ransoms these days, but if executed correctly the shame would refrain tales to be told (at least from the ransomed perspective). It would also need people to believe in some sort of honoring the deals.

If people only undocked what they can afford to loose, noone would surrender. Tears tells me this is not the case however.

That said: I hate pirates. They will be purged and the stain that they are will be cleansed.


Yeah, good luck with that.

Piracy is still around, as far as ransoming I’m not sure. You might ask in the Crime and Punishment subthread>>>>>>>>>.

Taking other people’s milk money is still very much a thing. It’s just with more violence now and less keyboard.