Hey all,

I got bored being stuck in the house due to the plague. Figured I would start a new pirate site to log some of my adventures as well help log some of the old pirate history. Thus, I have created https://www.eve-piracy.com to help hold that information.

Please bear in mind, this site just launched last night and is still in development. I’m adding content as I type and looking for any ideas on what to add next! Let me know your thoughts!



Noice. I’m definitely looking forward to more content.

By the way, I think the reason so many people won’t pay ransoms is because so many turds refuse to honor them.


I look forward to your posts. Don’t know if you have seen it but https://novakaneinc.blogspot.com/ is a good read.


Thanks all!

EVE Online - A Night of Mining

Last night felt like a good night to go out hunting in the Catch region. I knew without a doubt that I could depend on Braves and their allies to do what they do best — mine. Thus, I set a course to unearth some of their mining holes where I could potentially find some juicer targets.

Read more here.


Cool work! Bookmarked.


Love it. A good blog is worth gold.


Thanks for the feedback!

Probably because one of the first rules of EvE is “Trust No One”. The one time I got ransomed I refused to pay because I didn’t think the guy would honor it.


Long ago, ransoms where honored, people paid and was let go.

It was one of the ways I made isk in game but a new breed of “pvp” players started looking at how much salt they could extract by getting paid and then popping they payers ship and pod. Which is why ransoms don’t really work anymore unless you have the power and people to threaten their industrial infrastructure. Or people still pay you because they know of you and know your are somebody that honors ransoms.

@Famine_Aligher_ri love the site. :slight_smile:

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Cool. Booked marked.

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