Game Imbalance, possible exploit

My good friend Yaosus brought to my attention that one of Eve’s top rated piracy groups has been operating with comparative and apparent impunity from the rules and EULA that restrict the activities of the rest of us.

I’ve been ganked in unprovoked and unnecessary attacks on 4 seperate occasions just looking at the front page of my killboard by this uncaring and antisocial group of players… a collective recent loss of 1.3bn. Three of those attacks occurred in high security space while I wasn’t even under a declaration of war. I see a disparity in the way rules are applied here which could constitute an exploit.

I checked the killboard of a single faction of these players and found that their kill efficiency and isk destroyed far outstripes even the highest performing merc corps. I expect I am but one of the many injured by these players who seem unconcerned about my losses in their quest for content.

Yes, I believe the only way for this game to survive is to nerf the “Guristas” (one of my losses was also from a group called “sleepers”, who are similar in nature). I feel that doing so would be in holding with other pursued changes to the game, such as the elimination of the watch-list, crime-watch, the elevated pricing of war declarations and the buffering of mining vessels.

Perhaps each NPC could request a duel before attacking? I’m sure a crack-team if CCP DEVs could find an appropriate solution to my problem. A few core gameplay changes can certainly smooth out this issue.

Thank you for your consideration and sympathy for my painful losses.

Yaosus and I await feedback and/or balancing actions to correct the terrible wrongs I’ve endured.


*nods in understanding*

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We need to ban ammunition really, and undocking.


Ban typing.

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LoL, you got me. I thought this was going to name off some merc corp or another. Love it.


I checked his killboard just to make sure. I see only a bit under a billion in losses. I claim shenanigans.

Check rattler and stratios… then throw in buzzard and Nereus.

I’ve never been associated with something as mischievous as shenanigans.

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This is actually one of my old corps. That’s me on the left…

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Well played!

don’t necro the trolls plz

You seem mad, space nerd

2 weeks isn’t necroing

Try 5 months

Also @Mobadder_Thworst I wasn’t expecting that
Gg wp

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What a delightful troll. I completely and wholeheartedly endorse this service.

wait, what?
people willingly undock in this game? hashtag-whoknew?

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