Warp scrambling game mechanics question

Today I was flying a shiny, new Bustard out of Jita 4-4 when two players attempted to warp scramble me. I had warped out to a safe only 165km off station and then started aligning to a gate. I had warp stabs installed and I warped off no problems. My question is, did these guys get concorded for the attempt after I warped off? I know I could check my killrights but I’m at the pub atm and only thought about it now. I’ve had this happen plenty of times in null and low but I’m honestly not sure how it works in hisec. Almost certainly this is a dumb question, but I’m 5 glasses in to a bottle a sav blanc.

Maybe don’t drive and drink, it’s not going to do you any good in EVE. Yes, they got concorded if they attacked you illegally. If the attackers’ corp were at war with your corp, they would not get concorded, though.

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Mm. Ok. I’ll check the killrights later and see what happened. My only regret is that I HAD fitted stabs. My Bustard was set up with over 250,000 ehp.

Okay, I checked and no killrights. I must have seen the warp scramble messages for someone else getting tackled. Was hanging around Jita 4-4 today and saw the same multiple times. Apologies for such a ■■■■ story. :sleeping:

No ill intentions so no reason to put blame on you. Also glad you posted an update so those interested (such as myself) can read the full story.

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Thanks for the kind words. I’m back after a 6-year absence from the game. I feel I have a lot to catch up on.

You sure do. Ther are some related threads I assume. As I only play since last January am not really well versed of the changes but I recall seeing such threads every now and then here, on the old new forums and reddit too so should be info about such matters and of course you can always open a new thread and ask around.

yeah it has been like that since I started.

You see the message, even if it is somebody else targeting another person.

In the past we with can flipping we use rename the can to the person we are targeting to make him think we are scramming them to get him to shoot at us while suspect. Worked plenty of times.

Is it possible to set-up one’s overview/UI so that messages pertaining to other’s (those not in one’s Fleet/Corporation) do not appear?

Thank you for your time and assistance.

can baiting…uhuhuhuhuh I feel you

I saw a couple just now, going through Perimeter from Jita in a pod. At first I too thought someone was willing to suicide for a cheap kill but then I noticed that the on-screen text also mentioned the target. Seems there was someone with a scrambler waiting for targets inbound to the Jita gate…

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Yeah. Not sure why a 3rd party would be receiving these messages.

It can cause some panic, granted, but it also wakes you up when you realize there’s something going on at the gate so it’s not all bad to know. Kind of like driving your car with the radio set to “traffic announcements” on, you’ll be updated on accidents, slowdowns and so on which might impact your journey. If someone is warp scrambling ships near you that’s probably worth knowing. :wink:

But in Jita? Lol

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