How it feels to be ganked in a nice warship on your way to battle


On your way to battle?

Looks pretty much like you arrived.


That’s one thing I appreciate about EVE. If you get complacent for even a moment, it punishes you.

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I once fell asleep in the middle of a rock Haven and woke up four hours later with my ship intact, the site cleared, and the loot in my MTU. My VNI was just happily orbiting the site and my drones were happily orbiting my ship.
So, generally yes but circumstances can alter that.

“HA HA!”
- Sun Tsu


Goddamn it Sun Tzu.

I assume this is the one you’re talking about in your OP:

To be honest with that fit you should have known the risks.

Btw one question comes to mind: have you been auto-piloting? :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought this was going to be a genuine gank whine thread.

OP stop teasing. :rage:

You deserve Safety.

I love everything about this game, including the misfortune. Sorry to disappoint. xD

Welcome to my humble threat, my queen.

I haven’t auto piloted since James 315 blessed the skies.

Had you time to activate the bastion? Doesn’t seem like it but can’t be 100% sure.

I had time to activate the bastion, but my reps didn’t hit in time.

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Have a travel fit, both my Marauders have a triple plated buffer fit to deal with this type of thing. If you jump through a gate and find a ganker tackle on the gate, align to your out gate or station, if he locks you hit that damn MJD and hope that it activates before the gank fleet arrive with scrams, then warp.

So many people get this part wrong.

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Thank you for the advice

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