Cloack and Stealth bombers


I built a tengu with typical null sec stuff covert ops and nullifier but it came to my mind what if there is a stealth bomber who can just decloack me instantly before I can wrap out and warp disrupt me.

Is it possible ? if so how can I avoid being gate camped and lose my 1.3 billion ship.

Any other tips to stay safe would be appreciated just an old newbie pilot coming back to play some eve here.

Thank you all.

it seems you are worried about being decloaked after jumping through a gate. while you are aligning cloaked and starting to warp? Yes it can happen, but why do you focus on stealth bomber? any fast ship can do that, if he is lucky/skilled/fast enough to get close to you before you warp out. It is however quite difficult
what you can do ? fit your ship to align faster (and carry a mobile depot to refit at destinattion)? use a scout (or a friend to scout) to see if there are gate camps?

If you are worried about being tackled in a site (relic site etc) by a stealth bomber that’s another story

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You should be excited about the possibility of PVP, not paralyzed by fear. Just fly a cheaper ship.


But nothing exciting about being killed by being outnumbered in my opinion. Also I would use a cheaper ship if there was but what I am gonna be doing require this. Sadly.

There is nothing in null that requires a T3 cruiser.

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How about superior sleeper cache archive rooms for complete loot :slight_smile: I don’t have skills for battleships also wanna be doing other explo stuff so battleship don’t cut it.

Check dscan for combat probes?

Well if you lack skills and compensate for that with bling then skill injectors would be a better value.


I am sorry for this brutal honesty from me but you just been giving false info and bunch of BS all this time. First you just say dont be a pussy and love being outnumbered and die, literally has nothing to do with what I asked, then say there is nothing in null requiring t3 even though clearly there is, and now ignore the fact I said I need something to do exploration not a battleship just for its tanking.

Pretty annoying … refrain from post more provoking stuff I will ignore.


Good luck, chump.

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I wonder who the chump is here. I will always remember your comment “There is nothing in null that requires a T3 cruiser.”

Always reminding me people talk about stuff so sure even though they are clueless.

Check for probes on dscan.
There you go, problem solved.

As you obviously already know everything, why do you bother asking ??

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Are you sure that’s a “New Citizens Question”?
Well, new players with t3 cruisers in Null sound odd for sure. No new player should ever fly that kind of ship without the knowledge how to use it properly, e.g. knowing that they can be decloaked by other cloaked ships.

If they do: Please don’t whine. Learn with a cheaper ship.
Be aware that sometimes a loss is inevitable, no matter how great your ship, skills AND knowledge are.

Not really.

He didnt say dont be a pussy and love being outnumbered and die, he said that PVP is a part of the game and you should embrace it and expect it instead of trying to find ways to avoid and run away from it. You cant fend off an attacker with your back turned, and a cowards mother never weeps.

Actually, it did.

Its impossible to run those in any other ship?

Stratios is cheaper and does great.


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