Nullsec Travel

Hi, I’m trying to visit Titanomachy in B-R5RB (nullsec) to see the apparently amazing wrecks of that huge war ages ago but every time I try to go there I get killed by some crazy guy who either insta-locks then tackles or uses bubbles. Can someone plz give me tips on how to avoid these problems?

What are you flying?
Try using an Interceptor with sub 2 sec align time fitted with max tank and no guns or tackle mods.
Also, don’t fly gate to gate if you see hostiles in local, bounce off of something 1st.

Im using a T1 Frigate lol. Why would sub 2 second align help me when they lock practically instantly.

Due the the server tick lag, it’s almost impossible to lock an insta warp ship (sub 2 sec).
You have to be 1.99 or less align to escape, 2.00 + will get you caught.
It takes a 1 sec tick to uncloak and get noticed, then a 1 sec tick to attempt lock.
You have to hit warp as soon as uncloaking allows and you can’t be caught.
They can’t bubble you in a interceptor either.
If you fit max tank, you can survive a smart bomb most likely.

You have a number of solutions: Covert op nullified ships like T3 cruisers or a Yacht, WH connection to bypass high sec / low sec / null gate camps etc… Hard to say since we do not know if you are alpha clone or not, what skils do you have.
Omega clone with minimum skills but ability to use covert op cloaking device can use Yacht to travel anywhere in k-space.

As said above, use a “taxi” ceptor as everyone else in game. An Ares for example with inertials in the lows to be sub 2s align, an MWD and some tank in the mids to survive smartbombs.

Only use fleet ceptors (those with tackle bonus), combat ceptors will lose nullification in a couple of days.

Remember to use a Fleet Ceptor so that when the nerf hits its still usable.

also remember that even a <2s ceptor can get caught. Just, less easy.

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