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First, I would like to preface this by apologizing for making another thread. I already have one at the top of the forums and I hope this isn’t against the rules.

I die a lot and happen to loose lots of ships due to stupidity or bad luck. I recently lost another magnate that I bought today just after loosing another identical one yesterday. I was caught yet again with my pants down in a null-sec area trying to follow a guide telling me to explore there yet ignoring the paragraphs about how to stay safe. However this time instead of going to the mines for another couple hours to get enough isk to buy another magnate I would like some help preventing this from happening in the future. Now I was going out of a gate in a null-sec system and got one shot. I will link the killboard below not sure if you can see anything from that.

I am an alpha and don’t believe I will be able to get omega so I can’t cloak or something. Is there any modules I could have used or something I could have done to try and escape from that? Anyways, what should I do in the future if I dare to visit null-sec again to try and explore? I started a conversation with the pilot who killed me to congratulate and perhaps glean some information on what I should have done but was met with trolling responses so I just left and came here. Thanks for the help.

  • Train spaceship command and evasive maneuvering to try to reduce your align time.
  • Switch to meta modules in your lows. They provide better stats for a modest increase in price.
  • Try to avoid inertial stabilizers. They will make you align faster, but also help others to lock you faster as well.
  • Two warp core stabilizers will help you slip past random gate trash. However, it probably won’t protect you against a lot of gatecamps.
  • Use EveGateCamp check to avoid gatecamps (unless you think you can slip past them).
  • Never warp gate to gate, as camps will often put warp interdiction bubbles in line with gates. At the very least, warp gate → celestial → gate. If it’s a region that you frequently travel, set up tactical bookmarks on gates. If your organization owns the area, they might have structures sitting on grid with gates. In which case, you can warp to those structures and make sure the gate is clear before deciding warp down to it.
  • If you can get close enough to a gate, you can D-scan it to make sure that it’s clear (i.e. warp to celestial within 14.3AU of the gate).
  • I would switch from an enduring MWD to a restrained. You’ll end up with a similar amount of cap, but a smaller signature penalty. This will make it slightly harder to apply damage to you and make it take slightly longer to lock you. The difference is certainly small, but not insignificant.

Okay, that’s everything that I can think of right now.


Small Low Friction Nozzle Joints
IFFA Compact Damage Control
Type-D Restrained Overdrive Injector

If you jump into a gate camp especially with a bubble, many times you can live if you burn back to the gate and jump back through. If you get your MWD on quick enough a lot of the time you will have enough inertia to get to the gate even if they scram/web you, although having no tank on your ship means you might die anyway to the damage. Anyone who aggressed you on the gate can’t go through with you. Some people might hold aggro so they can jump back with you, but even then you can go back and forth a few times until you end up in a scenario that is advantageous to you.

Other than learning how to deal with camps, looking at various intel tools and the killboard can help. You can also traverse wormholes or use filaments to avoid hot spots where campers usually are.

Wow thanks a ton I will try some of those. I am pretty new so I didn’t know what to expect.

Practice making safe spots, d-scanning gates and being safe in hi-sec until you are comfortable and have a routine down when you enter a system. And though the ISK isn’t great practice the hacking game in relic and data sites in hi-sec until you have you are consistent.

Practice using d-scan. It is your eyes and ears

Most importantly when you do jump through a gate you have 60 seconds when you are under gate cloak, and as long as you do not move or activate any modules you will not show up on anyone’s overview or d-scan and you are invulnerable. Use that 60 seconds to assess the situation and form a plan. Breath.

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As mentioned, never warp directly gate-to-gate when traveling in 0.0 space your group does not own. Always warp to celestial (planet, moon, etc) first to come to a gate from a direction possibly not expected. The f11 key will open up the system (and several other) map you can use to plot an approach to a gate and will help you make hasty/3D bookmarks in systems. As you will not be using a cloak, don’t scan with someone else in the system.

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@Vuoliganar_Madeveda can you please give a hint as to what you use those Salvagers on? Just curious :wink:


  1. all advices above are very good
  2. you have the good behaviour in eve: you try to discover things, you admit that you lost your ship due to mistakes and lack of knowledge and don’t blame CCP/other players for killing you. You want to understand and to improve. You are the exact type of guy we want to see staying in eve.
    As soon as i log in i will send you some isks which will allow you to buy many magnates. Enjoy, and in a few months, you will be the guy who helps new players
  3. you did the right thing when you convoed the guy who killed you, and this b.stard should have given you some advices (or even some isks…) instead of trolling you. Many eve players are not like him. Keep the faith (but don’t trust anybody ;))

I was keeping them incase there were any of the pirate ship corpses. I haven’t had much luck exploring so thats where most of my money comes in and was the reason why I was in low sec in the first place.


Wow thank you very much. I’ll try and use those in my next trek to null but I am going to either mine or rat for a while.

explo is much more fun than ratting and mining, imo
i tried to convo you in game but did not get you
feel free to convo me tonight, we can have a discussion about explo in null

Alright I have some things to do rn but I will convo you asap. I couldn’t really find anyone to teach me.

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