How do you avoid campers of the entrance of null sec?

That’s all :'3

You use a recon alt, dotlan, or w space for ingress to null.

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Most of the same tactics to get into low-sec space without being caught by gatecamps applies here.

  • Don’t take high-traffic gates (see: take the “long way” around)
  • Try to stay away from heavily populated systems
  • Have friends
  • Use the right ships (Interceptors and anything that can use a covert-ops cloak will do)
  • Do be afraid to burn back to the gate and jump back

Now add on the threat of warp disruption bubbles

  • DO NOT warp directly to a stargate… instead, warp to a celestial nearby the stargate or something that is “off to the side” of the intended destination.
    Why? Warp Disruption bubbles that are anchored along the trajectory line of your warp endpoint (see: where you intend to arrive at) can drag you hundreds of KM away from your intended destination.

  • Don’t engage a “solo” target (no matter how tempting it is) unless you know can escape when necessary, end the fight 30 seconds after starting, and/or are suicidal.
    Null-sec people are FAR less kind to “intruders” than even low-sec people. At least in low-sec people are by-and-large out for “pew-pew” and will fool around a bit… even talk with you. In null-sec, you are an inconvenience and must be removed at all costs.

  • Be patient. If the stargates are all camped and you don’t want to lose your ship, keep warping around and making safe spots. Then bounce around between those until your timers are all gone. Log out for a few hours.


Nullified covert op Proteus still can do some PvE, cause of drones… Legion can also cause crystalls takes little place. You can use both ships to go anywhere and laugh at null campers.

Lot of complicated solutions while it’s usually rather easy (unless you are completely broke)
Just offer a few mil for escort in local, lot of folks love to make a quick side buck and help a fellow capsuleer out

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