I'm stuck at a warp disruption field at stargate

I was doing a bit of null sec exploring and on wanting t return i got suck at a stargate with 3 large warp disruption bubbles, the game says to stay 40km away from the generator but only givees me and option to keep at range of 30 also not to mention the stargate i jumped from to this bubble also has a bubble on it so how do i escape it.

Just burn away in a straight line away from the bubbles.

Double-click out into space in any direction.

It also sounds like you may need a crash course in “manual piloting.”


thanks i managed to escape doing what u said, but i keep getting trapped in bubbles on my way to highsec, i got stuck like this in 2 other stargates and managed to escape to a relatively safe area in null sec (i back tracked) , is there a needlejack or something like that which can help me go in highsec space

(hmmm… you sound like a relative newbie. What are you doing out in null-sec?)

So… here are your options:

  • Interdiction-Nullified Ships: These are specialty ships… which are few and far between. What they basically do is ignore the fact that there is a warp disruption bubble. They can still be “pinned” under targeted warp disruption from another ship.
    If you are a relatively young player then the first (and cheapest) ship to have this ability will be Interceptors**
    After that there are Tech 3 Cruisers and… not much else? (someone fact check me on this please!)

**Note: There are two types of interceptors: “Scout” and “Combat.”
“Scout” variants have the interdiction nullification. “Combat” variants do not.

  • Covert-Ops Cloaking ships: Like the above ships, these are specialty as well. No cloaking device will prevent someone from being caught by a [warp disruption] bubble. However, they do afford some degree of “protection” in the form of “sneaking past” said bubbles. What cannot be seen cannot be targeted and shot at.
    Examples of Cov-Ops ships are: Stealth Bombers, Force Recons, Blockade Runners, Tech 3 Cruisers, etc.

  • Change your warp trajectory: Bubbles often use 2 tactics…
    – They can be placed more or less on a stargate to prevent people from warping directly onto or away from the stargate.
    – They are placed a fair distance away from a stargate along an well travelled trajectory (often from another stargate).
    – In either case, if someone warps to an object, and the bubble also exists along the same trajectory line, the bubble will become the new “destination” and “pull” the target into it.
    To avoid this: Warp to a planet, moon, or asteroid belt that has a different warp path to the intended destination. By coming in at a less travelled angle one can avoid most “lazy” bubbles.
    The tradeoff is that this also adds time to one’s journey.

  • Cynosaural (Cyno) Fields and Jump Portals: This requires teamwork with others to pull off and a fair amount of resources.
    Basically you need a ship that can generate a jump portal (example: Titan) and a ship to light the beacon (Stealth Bombers, Force Recons, etc).
    Someone lights the beacon in the destination, the jump portal ship opens up the portal, you click the jump portal ship and select “Jump.”

Now… here is where I will give a caveat to all of the above: None of the things I listed above are a “silver bullet.”
People have developed tactics to counter everything.

What the above does is simply give a person options to stack the odds of survival more in one’s favor.


Another possibility is to scan-down a wormhole, and exit via that instead.

If you just want to pop data and relic in null. exploration fitted Interceptor is enough if you plan to use null gates. You can also put a cloak on it for added protection.

Thanks everyone

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