Warping through Bubbles Oh yes I mean through

So I’ve been in 3 Fleets now where i have literally watched ships warp THROUGH bubbles to get “Dragged” by the last bubble placing the fleet perfectly in range to jump through the gate.

My understanding is you run into a bubble and you stop moving, you don’t get dragged by a second or 3rd bubble on the gate. you stop on the first bubble. you also cannot warp through a bubble if a bubble is stopping your path to warp to another spot.

I have been playing eve on and off for 5 years but the past month has been insane, watching 3 separate fleets that should’ve fed or had to log off for hours gg walk through bubbles.

Why is there no fix or anything being done for breaking this game mechanic? Do you think this game mechanic should be fixed or it is fine the way it is and “Working as Intended?”



What kind of bubbles were they?
Interdiction probes or anchored mobile bubbles?

Interdiction probes

Then it’s more than likely the bubbles went up late, after they were already in warp. The game calculates whether you get stopped/dragged into a bubble by taking a “snapshot” 500km in front of and behind the warp’s landing spot.

If they’re already in warp as the bubbles go up, they’ll simply fly through it because the game doesn’t calculate new bubbles in a path once they’re already inside the warp tunnel.


There were bubble on the gate the entire time for about 5 minutes solid, They never went down. Meaning that when an old bubble died there was already a new one in place. we had 8+ Dictors on the gate spreading and keeping bubble up the entire time. On this last engagement.

The previous 2 happened a few weeks ago i don’t remember it exactly.

Nope, you warp to a tac 500km off the gate and get dragged by a bubble that you pre-prepare to intersect with the gate and avoid all the bubbles further than 500km away. Essentially avoiding the majority of the bubbles. It’s an intended mechanic but kills a lot of content

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That sounds incredibly dubious if the scenario played out exactly like you described, but I wasn’t there, so. :woman_shrugging:

I have no idea what you’re even trying to say here.

I don’t understand what this means.

https://i.imgur.com/KnUYHx4.png The only bubble that drags you here is the red bubble which you can suicide a dictor to set up. Bubbles only drag you if you land within 500km of them so you warp to a tac 510km (opposite side from you) off the gate and set up a bubble 10km off the gate in the direction of the tac


in English: if there is a bubble right on the gate, your interdictor would drop a bubble behind the gate so his bubble intersects the gate, BEFORE your fleet enters warp. In this case your fleet would land on top of the gate right where the further bubble’s edge is.

This is how bubble traps work: a t2 small bubble dropped just behind the centre of a large T1 bubble which itself is set 495km behind the exit gate in line with the in-gate would drag the enemy fleet to the centre of the structure, where hopefully you have a fleet of smartbombs ready to murder them.

Game calculates end point of a warp at start of warp by drawing a line from the desired endpoints back 500km and checking for bubbles on that line.

The solution here to stop this exploit is to add extra step/loop in the code to do a second check, if a bubble is found in that path, to search for more bubbles in nearest, say, 50km. If another bubble is found, then keep looping until no more bubbles are found in the warp path and the final bubble found when exiting the loop is the stop/drag bubble.

It would be possible to game this by laying a long chain of bubbles in a potential warp path to extend the 500km limit as far as you could bubble, but it would always ensure the first bubble in path would stop a warp, and return control of warp exit point to the fleet that has grid control of destination, which is clearly the intent of bubbling a gate.


Why would we want a change like this?

Why do you come up with a ‘solution’ as if there is a problem?

People who know how bubbles work are able to set those rules to their hands with smart bubble placement to offensively pull ships with a ‘drag bubble’ into a bigger bubble. Or they are able to use these same mechanics defensively to drag their fleet right on top of a gate in between other bubbles.

As you can see from this thread, even such relatively simple bubble rules create interesting scenarios that are really unclear to people who haven’t thoroughly studied bubble mechanics.

You notice that there is an issue (bubble rules complicated) and your solution to this problem is to convolute the bubble rules even further with extra steps/loops? :crazy_face:


What’s the point of having bubbles if you can just warp straight through them with a bookmark? It just prevents fights

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What is the point of bookmarks if you can’t avoid bubbles?


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