You can still warp, reaproach and throw bubbles while being stuck in the new animation


The new animation for jumping through stargates is nothing more but a bad joke.
It is just overlayed over our gameplay.

That means it starts as soon as the change in systems is complete.

But what does this mean for you as you just jumped through a stargate?

It means you show up in local during the animation. Check your gatecloak timer. It will be at 52s as soon as you get your game back.

It means you can still warp via the route dropdown as soon as it refreshes, while still being stuck in the animation.

It means you can still warp via your DScan while being stuck in the animation.

It means as a dictor you can still bubble while being stuck in the animation, by for example reasproaching the gate and hitting F1, should that be your hotkey.

I really dont get the idea behind just stealing your players time via pointless animations and why the implimentation of said animation is so flawed on a basic level that has an actual gameplay impact on players not knowing the information I just posted.


The new animation is a way for CCP to push more skins sales. CCP understands that Eve is at the end of its life cycle, so it needs to milk as many microtransactions as possible.

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I am aware. That doesnt mean that I have to like the milking and/or the animation.

The first time it was interesting. The second time was the same as the first and not interesting. How 'bout some 2001 mind blowing colors so my reefer/self-medication can kick in faster? Just a suggestion…

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Dear CCP,

This PR pushed trash needs to go and never come back. This is one of the all-time stupid bungles by you guys.


This actually looks like all they do is play a video clip over the normally running client.
Is that delay on loading the Overview intended to keep me from performing actions while you want me to believe im still traveling?
Will kind of break the immersion when i die in a bubble camp…
What a waste :frowning:

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Yes, this is basicly what it is.

Like I said, hotkeys still work, you can interact with your route dropdown and dscan aswell.

Stealing 5 seconds from your players with every gate they take.

Really says a lot about the people working at CCP.

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You can PLEX for an exclusive Hyper-Spatial Cortex Accelerant that allows your capsuleers to receive reverse-entropic data, effectively removing the warp-in delay.

It is good for my immershun! :stuck_out_tongue:

Before those jump animations we had a loading bar…

When 2FA for every gate jump?

Can we put up a cookie permission dialog box every jump?

Funny, I just decided to come back for real and then this happens: Classic CCP. It’s like the DEVS don’t realize that people actually PVP in this game which must come as a shock to them because, clearly, they don’t.

Hey folks, there was a hotfix deployed so this actual isn’t happening right now as they look at the feature.

Thanks for effort but No. Dont like it.
where is box to disable it?


Tick box next to the red dot one.


plus bro
How to disable new warp animation? :nauseated_face:

If earlier a jump through the gate took little time, now it has increased by at least 2! times, I sit and watch this useless animation as my ship disappeared somewhere in space. :nauseated_face: :nauseated_face: :nauseated_face: :nauseated_face:

p.s. Instead of improving your client, CCP only breaks it

CCP will have a work around patch done in the next few weeks just like they did for the red dot and solar glare.

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Lol my warp animation which I quite like, is so badly programmed, as the warp tunnel sound only happens after sitting in cloak for 30 seconds on the next gate, after the effect.

So i just tested this.
Caracter shows up in local as soon as the animation starts.
D-scan updates somewhere half way and can be used to perform actions via right click
Overview does not update untill animation is over
Jump cloak timer is down to 52 sec by the time i can control my ship normally…

So yes please, CCP, give me the option to remove this nonsense and not die on a gate while stuck in a useless video clip.


CCP is this the best you could come up with?

A cheesy animation of my ship stopping and then flying through a warp tunnel… really that’s it?
Not looking forward to seeing this thousands of times, its the EXACT same animation every time!

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