Warping to a gate and jumping

Turns out that if you leave a station and hit jump when you leave the station even if you decelerate and reach within the 2500m of the gate you can still be bumped off. Kinda broken if you ask me as you supposed to jump when you with 2500m. Just another broken mechanic I guess. Maybe all these new gate animations slow the process of jumping down or something.
Haulers beware as this will effect gate to gate jumping also I suspect.

Did you still have an active session change timer after undocking? That will prevent you from jumping the gate upon landing. This is one (of a few) reasons why folks have insta-warp undock bookmarks, in lieu of spending the undock invuln & session timers slowboating which can result in getting too far to redock and not far enough to warp back to station.

Having your warp land inside an object that results in a bump is a normal game mechanic.

No timer. Overview showed 1005m before I was hit.

Nothing is 100% safe.

Learn to EVE kthx.

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Some gates definitely consistently have a longer delay than others. Maybe this is down to the angle you arrive at. I notice it particularly when warping from Ethernity through Bourynes…the gate at Bourynes always takes longer than most gates.

nah, been jumping that gate for years. If there is a delay in jumping that would be a game timer issue. But it seems it one of those working as intended things. I posted here just to make people aware that even if you are right o the gate, don’t assume its safe to jump. Games turning to custard to the benefit of the gankers.

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