Fired on while jumping into gate

(I’m not sure if this is a beginner question but I don’t know where else to post it. )

I have been playing Eve on and off for many years. I have always thought that in low- and hi sec, jumping into a gate was invariably safe. Your ship flew slower and slower and then jumped without ever being targetable. At least in the tens of 1000s of jumps I have made, often right through gate camps, this has always been the case. Of course, coming out on the far side is a different story.

But this morning my cloaked BR was fired on and damaged by Triglavians while I was jumping into a gate in low-sec. How did they target me? Are Triglavians simply super fast compared to humans? Or is this some special skill they have? i have never seen this before.

Thanks in advance.

NPC magic. I just always assume every gate, both sides, might have a surprise or 2. When hauling inbound I’ll always dscan ahead and be ready with resists or AB/MWD to punch me through.

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A few things to correct.

First off, you can still die by a smartbombing cruiser/battleship. So no, not invariably safe.

Secondly, when you warp to a gate, you dont always warp in range to instantly jump. There are times where you warp just out of range, and it can take a few seconds to get in range and jump. So its possible.


Thanks Yberta Molk. I do know that, as you say, d-scanning ahead is the safest of the safe. But the alt in question is a hauler. A hauler spends 90% of his or her time jumping through gates. I’ll jump through 100s/day. I might as well stop playing if I have to spend time scanning ahead at every gate. And to be fair, given that I have played on and off since 2010 and this is the FIRST time this has happened, I’ll continue to jump directly through gates. Its a calculated risk, well within acceptable margins given the ISK I can make hauling in hi- and low-sec.

I meant hisec gates on the more travelled routes, i.e. dscan while actually travelling to the gate, just so u have a little warning, I didn’t spot u said lowsec. Lowsec different, depends what ship I’m in tbh, often I’ll setup gatewatch points if its a route I often use and of course scout.

I, for one, welcome our new Triglavian overlords.

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