15 Years of Eve Highway Robbery and Thug Gate camping Tactics

I am by no means against PVP, but this gate camping crap is a scam. For 15 years I’ve seen people in huge ships get scrambled/disrupted by a 20 isk frigate and than get jumped by 5-10 dirt bags just waiting to sap anyone outside a gate. Why has Eve allowed this to go on?

A number of ways to fix this utter stupidness:

  1. Allow a newly warped in system person at least 7 seconds to warp away after coming out of gate and de cloaking to warp. I’ve noticed at the 3 second mark your warp is already disrupted even while half way in your warp. Align to and warp does not work if it takes you more than 3 seconds. How effin stupid is that? Does the owner of Eve think people are stupid to allow this to keep happening to themselves/ Well he’s a moron if he thinks yes.

  2. Ban that warp dis/scramble crap from the game.

  3. Take those warp stabs and stick them up the developer’s butt, they are useless.


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lol, which ship did you lose?


can i have your stuff?

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Send me your isk before you go. Don’t bother contracting me your stuff, tho. I’m too lazy to collect.

Or you could realize this is a PvP centric game and get some buddies together to crash the gate camp, get some kills, and actually enjoy the game?


Can we start from point 4?

7 seconds is so much that it will allow to fly most subcaps in complete safety. Notably, industrial ships.

If you don’t like gatecamps that much, pilot small and nimble ships.

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2/10 needs more effort




The only thing that’s sensible here, tbh.

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This is the reason why I have never bothered with both LS/NS space (I play the wormhole game) and use cloaky ships such as the Stratios to run loot to Jita through HS. It’s way too easy to gank on the gates and with little risk imo. I don’t complain as this is just my opinion and the community as a whole seem to have no issue with it. I simply avoid playing that part of the game.

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Maybe, you should have scouted your route first?

Maybe, it would have been a good idea to look at your route on Dotlan and/or Zkillboard?

Both of these are easy counters, just takes a little bit of effort. Doesn’t always work but …

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Yeah, I don’t know if you’re joking around or not, but players in Eve won’t fight fair. The trick is learning how to deal with it.

First, and foremost, start using Eve Gatecamp Check.

Second, there is a bunch of stuff involved with safe travel, and I don’t feel like typing it all up (travel fits, gate tacs, d-scan, using the in-game map, gate crashing, and, if all else fails, not flying what you cant afford to lose). So, trying doing a google search, or, better yet, check out OUCH’s nullsec survival course. They’ll teach you about safe travel and even give you practice sitting on a gate camp.

I’ve been on both sides of a gatecamp, and am of the firm opinion that it’s usually the players that are uneducated, lazy, and/or impatient who die to gatecamps

There you go, finally a good idea. I agree that we should implement this suggestion as fast as possible.

I’ll offer a retort as a 2004 pirate.

First of all, CCP has all but killed piracy in the game. It used to be a lot easier to catch people to fight against. Now, it’s insanely hard not only catch people, but also get decent fights or decent fish with ISK to steal.

EVE used to have 10KM gates for the longest time, which means when you jump through a gate, you were always within warp disruption distance no matter where you spawned as long as the tackler was 0KM from the gate. CCP nerfed this hard.

Speaking on gates, you couldn’t warp 0KM to gates. You had to have bookmarks where someone went behind the gate far enough to get you a 0KM warp if you warped from the right gate haha. Sure, people bought bookmarks, but a lot didn’t have all the regions. CCP nerfed this hard too by allowing 0KM warps.

Sniping at gates used to be a thing. When a target jumped through or warped to a gate before you had 0KM warp, you could snipe a target extremely fast from outside of sentry gun range. CCP nerfed this as well on multiple levels from upping ship health to changing the mechanics.

People actually used to PvE in low security space as well did a bit of trading. You could find people in belts, mining or ratting. You could also find people moving goods between low security systems for NPC trade routes. CCP nerfed this too with the introduction of blockade runners, jump freighters, removing those trade routes, and making low security useless to PvE with the exception of trading with FW.

We used to be able to stack modules with little penalties. Heat sinkes on the Geddon for example was a beast of a ship before role change and stacking nerf. You could stack webs to slow them before they reached the gate (remember, you spawned 10KM from gate and could crash it unless you got webbed 500 times). CCP again, nerfed all of this. You can’t stack webs like you used to, you can’t stack sensor boosters or damage mods or tracking mods like you used to to kill people quickly or even ransom them trying to get back to the gates.

Uploading kill mails was optional. Now, you have it automated and sent out to everyone involved and have websites that hook directly into the game to see your kills and deaths. Kill mails used to be an actual mail you got in your inbox and you have the OPTION to upload it to a site like zkill or not. CCP nerfed this so no matter what, you can get intel on who is doing what.

Man, I could go on and on. CCP has pretty much made so many changes in your favor to survive. You have so many tools and mechanics working for you that if you die to a gate camp today, it’s entirely your fault for being lazy. To think we need even more nerfs to make PvP non-existent is insane…





The best part is that due to ops own laziness or stupidity he lost ships, scan whs learn alternate routes, take the long is route if possible learn to effectively use cloakies and never warp gate to gate warp to nearby celestial. The only thing this post proves is your total lack of intellect is on you.

Calm down, miner.

Link lossmail.

And yet you post to the forums on a ~20 day old char… why not post with your main, it would (ok, might) add some credibility to your post.

You’ve listed a few options there, none of which included ‘learning how to play the game’… which I find surprising, but you do you, I guess… best of luck moving forward. :expressionless:

I thought this was still optional (at some level), i.e. unless corp or person is registered with zkill it won’t automatically show up there (kills/loses), so depending on who’s involved it’s possible that loses/kills will not show up on zkill… course most campers do post their kills to zkill.


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