This is why travel interceptors are getting caught at gates

All credit belongs to Nimos on reddit.

Now with this being in the public …
… “everyone’s” going to start trying to be at the top …
… which means CCP is going to change it eventually.


Tying someone down with a warp scrambler at a gate to prevent them warping away and then killing them is execution, plain and simple.

These griefers should go somewhere where they can find real PvP instead of griefing defenseless players like this.


Would you like me to join in on your act of civil disobedience?

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Can you get on one of your alts and argue with me instead? I get so lonely sometimes. :cry:


Not in my threads, no?

But rest assured that if we/you kept doing this …
… we/you’d get silenced for disruptive behaviour.

What if I genuinely think that both insta-locking and insta-warping are rubbish gameplay mechanics, though? Because they are. Distilling complex gameplay into a single-number variable on the fitting screen is stupid.

Yeah, what if?

Sounds plausible. Yeah, times of instawarps escape camps are probably over now. Intuitively I’ve experienced this many times. Sometimes I can lock almost everything in spontaneous gate camps, even better than ships with much higher sensor strength, sometimes nothing.

Interesting read, I knew it was possible and it’s nice to see a plausible explanation of the mechanics.

Seems I need to revise my travelceptor fit a bit.

Just saying, that’s nothing new. What’s new is maybe that people actually do what this guy, I and others have told them to do instead of whining and moaning about travel ceptors.

What if I put stabs?

There is something new (at least to me). It’s the guide how to systematically get into the state where you can catch insta-warp ships. And it’s relatively easy, so everybody (in Europe) can do it. That you can catch insta-warp ships is not the news.


Useless when more than one point hits you …
… and you’d be seriously affecting your align-time with more.

Stabs would work against points, but you could not fit enough stabs to counter multiple of those or scrams, while also being sub-2s align.

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Ha, beat you to it! :blush:

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Nothing changed since back then either. You always needed resebos. Jumping in and out of system to synchronize your client with the server ticks. Someone will complain about that for sure, though. However, the good thing with this post and other older posts is that the myth of uncatchable ships can be put to rest. That’s a great accomplishment indeed. :slight_smile:

You refreshed the page until you got earlier in the forum tick order to beat me, didn’t you? :yum:


I saw a clip of someone’s pod getting instalocked. I thought pods were able to instawarp from zero. Now everything is catchable.

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From gate cloak or ship death? Ship death is different (it effectively adds 1 tick).

Honestly at some point I was thinking of making a program which acts as a messenger type thing for the forums.
Hm. Might as well go for it.