Rogue Drones in Pochven trig Space Instalocking

I Recently ventured into Pochven the triglavian space. Thought it would be wise to use a Insta warp interceptror ‘my stilleto with 1.78 sec align time’ since its a un know space and can get out if i got into trouble. when i took a gate there are a bunch of rouge drone camping the gate and i was like ok its pretty common the trigs used to do the same thing in their systems. By this time i am still holding the cloak since i just took the gate and just jumped into the system, I hit the warp to the next gate and the Rogue drones locked my insta warp interceptor with 1.8 sec align time and shot me into structure. So my question for CCP is - Is this intended?. Since no configuration of ships or fleets can lock a insta warp interceptor other than smart bombing it, How is it fare that the Rogue drones can do it.

I suggest you move it to #communications:general so more people will see it. More fuss people will do faster, CCP will need to make statement and take action.

Especially when it can be same issue as it was with gate guns. Where they delayed “fix” just to ramp up destruction. Once enough isk was destroyed they simply claimed it was bug and changed targeting mechanic.

Rogue drones are harmless, as they do ewar, some DPS and maybe web you in warp, but don’t point you like the sleepers. Just fit some tank. And you survived, right?

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False. See article.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that this is intended for the rats. It’s possible that someone typed in the wrong number somewhere (which has happened before).

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