Warp/Cloak trick removed?

The warp/cloak trick seems to be removed. This got me killed the other day when it failed to go off. At the time I chalked it up to the keyboard failing to send the command, or a lag spike or whatever. However, I’m sitting online right now practicing it. It absolutely won’t go off. And it’s not ‘user error.’ To make it easy and remove any uncertainty I’m hovering the mouse over the ‘warp to [whatever]’ button, then as soon as I click it with right hand I spam-click the cloak hotkey using the left hand.

All the buttons register, as the thing will align and jump. But it gives a message like “can’t do that while warping” (meaning cloak), and it wont cloak.

So what’s going on?

You click warp and then try to cloak, which doesn’t work. You need to click ALIGN then cloak, hit MWD and wait out the cycle, uncloak and THEN click warp.





Yup, that one’s on me. Hey, I have a good excuse. I haven’t played since the summer.


I’ve found someone who openly and directly admits that something was his mistake!


What did you lose? Not someting like this I hope: https://zkillboard.com/kill/69719229/


… how? Why?

Gate camp on the Keberz/ HED-GP gate … Bubbled and decloaked me before I got out of the bubble.

■■■■ happens, I guess. :smiley:

Yes it does. :smiley:


Give him 2 plex

To avoid these losses you need a Scout.

Or bear the cost of a Jump-Freighter.

It is for this and other reasons that to be successful in EVE you must play more than one account at the same time.

I look at the number of players connected and always wonder what the actual number of human players is. How many are Multiboxing. How many are Bot Characters.

CCP must have already made some estimates. Reality would surely leave us worried.


Give him a PLEX :slight_smile: LOL someone already outbid me.

Alistair appears to be unhappy about not having received a PLEX.

Just few main concepts about Warp/Cloak idea:

  1. With a standard cloak (T1/T2), always cloak first then align after. You can’t cloak while in Warp. You can warp after decloak. Important! Never try to warp with AB or MWD on while decloaking.
  2. With a Covert Cloak you can cloak and warp in any order. Important! Don’t warp with AB or MWD on.

But during this Christmas Time the Internet is overloaded with data channels, so it has a higher latency overall. It’s not the better time for a Warp/Cloak trick. Because of this kind of latency, I was caught on an insta warp Interceptor by an insta lock Interceptor, fully fitted into Scan Resolution.

That sentence fits the definition of BS.

This is also BS. On the opposite, if there is a delay, you are less likely to be caught by instalock. the align/warp is totally handled by the server,

You can’t cloak before aligning as you still have gate cloak, so you first have to move a little bit by clicking align and THEN cloak. Then you hit MWD.

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You know, the point is that different players are at different distance from the server. The latency in a 300km range is perfect, while at 500-1000km and above is much worse. Between server and client there are a couple of routers and the number of routers will increase with distance. During holiday times, the routers are overloaded with data from Skype, Viber, Discord, Social media, Amazon surfing, Internet TV and e.t.c. If the router is overloaded with IP packets, based on his QoS configuration, he will redirect IP packets to another less loaded router. Therefore, the path latency is increased by router queue and addition HoPs. I scanned my Internet status via traceroute and other apps. Moreover, there are a percentage of lost packets in my network and my current EVE connection sucks btw.

It’s interesting. How it is supposed to work? I click align and cloak, but my ship not hidding for 2 sec, I click again and he finally is doing it after 4 sec. IDK when my cloak command was delivered to the server - at first second or at third second after I pressed align command.

Server latency tick is supposed to be 1 sec duration, due to the official source.

Actually yes. I wasn’t accurate by explaining it while at Gate MWD/cloak. It depends by situation. Anyway, I’ll suggest to cloak firstly and then align to a Warp destination. Due to the server 1 sec delay, there is a delay between your actions, so a good tackler will predict your trajectory and will try to decloak your ship. The bigger is your ship the higher is his chance to do this.

Well maybe your ISP are. I on the other hand have no issue.

Nope. if the router is overloaded, there is no point in adding an additional router. The point there is, is in removing that router

That’s a different story. Does not mean that there is an internet-wide issue.

If you are in an INTY and using cloak at the same time, then you are doing it wrong.

A <1s align is uncatchable (in LS at least), whatever is your connection, because the align and warp are both handled automatically by the server the moment you clic “warp to”