Cloaky mwd trick enough already

any ship can safe travel through low sec with no consequence with this cloaky mwd trick and it is becoming more and more common, from ventures to absolutions. for the same reason not every ship is allowed to fit a cyno now, not every ship should be able to use a cloak for full immunity during travel.

blockade runners exist for a reason… but who needs one when you can fit a mwd, inertial stabs and a mwd to a badger.

What on earth would the point of that be?

what is the point of ventures?

The point being raised is why, when a venture will do a 3 sec align with rig and inertial in low (as a travel fit), would you do cloak warp trick?

Or, with a warp core stab in low (giving a total of 3 stabs, with built-in) it still aligns in 4 secs, So, again, the question is why cloak warp trick?


because we can lock him in 2 seconds

Thinking on it, the only genuine purpose I can think of might be to shield your cargo contents, but given the small cargo and dubious usefulness of ore bay in this circumstance, there are plenty of ships better suited that still gain little benefit from Cloak MWD


I happen to know from experience that any cloak warp trick ship in LS can still become pink mist in a decent smart bomb camp. That, and the impact of both fat fingers and the liberal strewing of cheap drones (to de-cloak) should not be under-estimated. Cloak warp trick is good, not foolproof.


literally everything benefits from mwd cloak in lowsec

And it requires particular fitting to pull off properly.

I dont see the problem tbh, its not fool proof and its got downsides.

For risk of appearing rude, maybe your camp needs better positioning?



There’s people from ten years ago who would like to have a word with you.


Alphas cant use cloak anyway. Cloaks on omega should stay usable like now, thats an incentive.


mwd cycle = 10 sec.
try to decloak.
if it does not work you are bad.


Tama gatecamp gets people dead. Learn from the penises.

The MWD trick is a technique which allows a player who cares about game mechanics with some practice to evade instalock gate camps.

I’m sorry man, but this kind of thing is exactly the thing that should be the game. People who care about game mechanics and prepare should be able to escape your trap.

Also people can still screw this up and then you can catch them. If there wasn’t this trick they would not have even attempted to enter lowsec because why would they if they don’t think they have at least a chance to escape.

All in all this is just really a pathetic post. It reeks of entitlement, because you think game mechanics should be changed to feed you more kills. It also reeks of idiocy, because you don’t even realize that people who prepare now with the MWD trick will not suddenly just jump into your trap without using other means to secure their route.

So next time when you and your wannabe pirate friends hug the gate and wait for someone to jump trough, maybe use the time to think about how you can use existing game mechanics to increase the chance of catching them instead of writing another embarrassing forum post.


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actually you’re all right, the real issue here is no servers south of the hemisphere

From my experience in this game, that means you have a lot of targets




have you played from anywhere in oce? it’s utter ■■■■, people in my corp will disrupt a target before i even see it on overview. i have very good internet about the best you can get in australia.

i try decloaking with a dramiel sometimes, I will watch my ship fly through the targets and by the time they re-appear on overview they’re already warped off.

so basically from target appearing on overview, double clicking, my ship aligning target, decloak and re-lock <- that all takes longer than 10 seconds if you live in australia because there is about 500-1000ms delay between each action

. <----- do you know what this is?

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