Another cloak/mwd thread

Hi. Essentially, having trouble figuring out how to cloak/mwd my occator.

I’m running it with an 800 plate, trimarks, and a compact 50mn
My current problem is that if I don’t heat my MWD, I can’t reach 75% of the required warp velocity, ending up at around 60% with a t2 cloak. I tried this with a dread guristas cloak and iirc that was still not enough.

The issue seems to be that i only manage to accelerate to half of the MWDs max velocity in a single cycle.

Do I need to sactifice tank to make cloak/mwd on the occator possible, be forced to heat the mwd between activating cloak and mwd, or is there a trick to it beyond that?

Sounds like skills, what level acceleration control and armor layering are you?

issue is the plates lowering agility.

sacrificing a low for an inertial stab is usually enough to fix that.

Inertial stab ups sig radius which makes it easier to acquire lock which defeats the purpose of a cloak, FYI.

you can’t lock somebody that’s cloaked.

if you enter warp one the immediate pulse after the cloak comes off, you cannot be locked by any other ship, period.
hence, the MWD+Cloak being a thing in the first place.

4 and 3, though i just tried it again without the plate and im still 20% short of the warp threshold

When coming out of gate cloak it is possible to be locked before executing the cloak+MWD trick. When coming out of cloak you have a brief moment before reaching 75% warp speed because you’re using the last fraction of decloaking time plus MWD cycle time to get up to speed to enter warp. Hence, the “trick” in “MWD+cloak trick”.

Both require a skilled gatecamper understanding of session change and priority queue mechanics and as such ballooning signature radius so that less skilled/lucky gatecampers can acquire a lock is something I personally make a tradeoff for.


Evasive maneuvering?


Very odd, at what point during the mwd cycle are you cancelling the cloak and hitting warp?

From still position:

Align+cloak+mwd in that order, usually in a single tick.
Turn off cloak just as the MWD ends cycle. At that point I’m moving at about 60% of the max velocity.

[Occator, *Need for Sneed]
Syndicate 800mm Steel Plates

50MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive

Improved Cloaking Device II

Medium Trimark Armor Pump II
Medium Trimark Armor Pump II

Feels like I don’t accelerate fast enoug. Speedup without the cloak works as it should though. 10-11 seconds align with mwd to account for human error.

Try turning the cloak off when the MWD cycle hits the “tail” of the MWD icon, it’s between 4 and 5 o’clock on a clock face, you’ll understand when you see it, then hit warp. If you turn the cloak off too late it delays the warp.

I actually got a bit closer by delaying the MWD start just now and…

what the hell, it worked and i cant tell why. Velocity was in a weird spot during uncloak.

I’m gonna have to redo this a few times but i think you nailed it. <3

Edit: Ok, it worked twice in a row now but it still feels like there’s a delay. I’m gonna need to try this in something cheaper. Other than that, yeah, i think this is it. Thanks man!


Good stuff, you’ll only get up to so much velocity while cloaked. deactivating the cloak at the tail gives you a ramp up at the end of the cycle which takes you over the 75%.

Keep deactivating it fractionally earlier until you get a feel for it.

Hm, I think its the last bit that has me worried a bit. With a sig rad of glorious 990 cant I still be locked? This tail end with mwd running while uncloaked does seem to be a vulnerable phase.

The cloak/mwd trick isn’t perfect, but cancelling at the tail and hitting warp should still be within the same tick. There is a slight delay from you de-cloaking and other players seeing you de-cloaked. At that point you should be in warp server side and invulnerable. It feels like an age to you I know but unless you mess it up or get de-cloaked you should be fine.

You cannot be locked.

Eve works on server pulses, about 1 pulse per second.

The act of a hostile locking you takes a pulse, and a 2nd pulse is required for them to activate a module (scram, weapons, etc.).

Hence, sub 2-second align time makes you immune to being targeted when warping from gate to gate.

you have those 2 pulses, and you can deactivate the cloak and enter warp on the same pulse – that is, a hostile can only START locking you on the pulse you enter warp, and then you are already in warp and moving (bubbles will pull you out of warp, you have been warned) hence you warp off before they can activate a module on you you.

Shouldn’t be difficult to test it on sisi or if im particularly lazy, in tama on a shitfit with sufficient mass.

This definitely feels like 1 tick. I guess i just need to find myself at the right side of a gatecamp to really appreciate it.

An insta-warp ship can still be caught, not very often but it is possible. It’s happened to me twice in sub 2 second travel ceptors.

Added KM for evidence.

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