Remove the cloaky warp trick

Recently i’ve been seing a lot of strage stuff with cloaks. i’ve seen everything from T1 frigates to battleships use the well known cloaky warp trick. I think this is a partly game breaking bug that removes a lot of the risk about transporting stuff through new eden.

Personally i think this “Cloaky warp” trick should be removed or at least add limitations to which ships can fit cloaks in the whole. Its a coward move.

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It can be quite fun to try and catch them with a inty though.

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Sure its fun when you got that stuff but no ship should be able to escape a 6000mm scan res instalocker.

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There is your logic issue. Nothing should be certain.


I think insta lockers should be banned!


Tiller / Miss Missile here

It’s got out of control, 5 Ravens… cloaky warp, small fleet of Tempests, cloaky warp

Makes solo gate camping a complete PITA (and no don’t say that’s not REAL PVP, most PVP is at gates duh!)

Try working with others.

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Carebear comment tbh, what next, corp mining op ?

Maybe you should take up carebear’in if this type of Pvp is too hard. :wink:

Use an inty to try and decloak, and don’t expect to get them every time.
Have a couple wingmen.

Why not?

I have recently decloaked a Cloak-MWD tricking Rattlesnake. I have just recently decloaked some Pilgrim that tried to get out of our bubbles.

You are just bad.


A Raven with the mass of a skyscraper should not be doing some cloaky warp

Maybe you should POST WITH YOUR MAIN

Mwd can cycle and don’t need to be turned off before a cloak module is activated is a good thing in my books.

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LoL, :smile:

Learn to Forum PvP better.

Edit: No, I will not help replace your PC if it ended on the pavement, out the window, and off your desk…

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Personally i think this 6000mm scan res instalocker trick should be removed or at least add limitations to which ships can instalock in the whole. Its a coward move.

–Gadget actually prefers actual chance in battle - for video games that is.


When a ship uses the cloak+mwd trick he’s practically stationary for 10 seconds. With a fast ship (interceptor, daredevil…) you’ll often be able to decloak him. In that case he won’t escape your 6000mm scan res instalocker.

These ships have countered your tactics, but there is a counter against what they are doing.


All transport ships should be fit with anti-tank and never be able to cloak, for space honor.


It’s not a “bug”, it never has been a “bug”. In fact it’s purposely designed that way.

X13 USED to be classy and capable many years ago, yet they let you in.

It’s not a bug, so it can’t possibly be a game breaking bug.

It’s just something you don’t like and so we all get to enjoy a nice thread of whinging that you couldn’t even manage to put in the right forum category because your inability is apparently not limited to catching cloaky haulers.

In the future, the correct place to campaign for changes to game mechanics that exceed your level of competence is Player Features and Ideas, which nobody reads, which is the point.


it’s no trick, nor is it a bug, microwarp drive is activated before the cloak, you can’t withdraw module commands once given. it will cycle end of. when you cloak your velocity drops off.

shift and c / cam view shifts to target / double click in direction of target before it fully cloaks. de cloak and stop their next cloak cycle, kill target, loot ship, bring loot back to station, unload ship, do you still need me to go on :crazy_face:

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