Give me tools to hunt cloaked ships

Show the cloaked ships as a non-scannable (scannable at close range) signature, so you have a small chance with max skills to detect them with the Dscan and Warp-Bookmarks if they just fly afk in one direction, or even stand still for a long time.

I mean, the cloaked ship displays as an signature like during scanning, but is non warpable, also not 100% scannable from far away. Something like new Item “Tachyon Scan”.

As example this would be the new hunting/detecting possibility for cloaked ships.
Hello @alt on gate, i dont see you but i know you are there
hello @cloaky loki inside at entrance of wormhole
hallo @cloaky bomber, that make bookmarks around rorquals for his friends, i dont see you but i know you are there.

It would be fun :slight_smile:

PS: while cloaked it should be not possible to scann/perceive those cloaked ships. It must be a faire chance for both sides.

I think this thread says what I mean even better than mine.

Reported for being a trash whiny complaint thread that belongs in the cloaky camping mega thread.


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What is the point? You already know that a cloaky ship is in system. All this does is clutter the already annoyingly cluttered probe window even more.

You can try to catch them with triangling + warp-bookmarks + decloaking.

If they flying long time in one direction or stand still you can estimate the direction and try to catchup/decloak.

A single one will probably not make it, but a fleet that covers a few square kilometres might.

It’s just an idea

That is some weird wishful thinking. How can you possibly expect to find something as small as a cloaked frigate, or even a capital, by warping around? You do not see when you went through their grid unlike with a decloaked target.

And even in a Blackout scenario where this might have a remotely justifiable reason for existence, I cannot imagine something more annoying than having signatures appear and disappear in a matter of minutes. All this would create is more frustration.

Per default the “cloaked signatures” should not be displayed on normal scan, only if checked/actively scanning.

That work on gate if you have enough numbers, why not to try it? It must be doable with enogh numbers and effort.

So OP, what you want is getting a mean to counter the fact that a ship is cloaked. Whereas cloaking is actually a mean to prevent people from finding you until you decloak.
It is like saying “CCP give us a mean to deal damages to rorqs while in PANIC”, wheras PANIC is supposed to provide 100% invulnerability for a few minutes.
or "CCP give us a bubble which could catch bubble-immune ceptors…

Cloaky people disturb you? bait them, ignore them, catch them at gates, use diplomatic relations to negociate with the cloaky camper corp/alliance ,… But making cloaky ships able to be found while they stay cloaked seems a bad idea


Let me get this straight. You want to manually bookmark an object while warping past it at multiple times the speed of light, using only your own eyes and reflexes to precisely time the dropping of that bookmark. And your plan is to warp to that bookmark and manually pilot to within 2000m of a cloaked ship that almost certainly isn’t even on-grid with you?

Good luck.

Cue the obligatory “You did not think this through” video…

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Excacly that, but with using small degree dscan it would be possible to pinndown that cloaked ship.
As i wrote, for one it would be not doable, but for one fleet maybe if that target is not active and chage it direction or is afk.

Cloaking is an tool, not an parking/harassing ability. It is time unlimited and 100% safe.
It should be doable to hunt and deckloack with enough effort.

I don’t think you quite grasp the concept of how large space is.

Assume you’re warping at 3 AU/s.

One AU is 149.6 million kilometers.

One grid is roughly 3000km across.

That’s roughly 150 thousand grids you’re flying by each second.

Even assuming zero server lag and perfect dscan pointing (both of which are huge assumptions), you’d have to time the placement of your bookmark accurately, by hand, to within 0.000007 seconds just to land on the same grid as the cloaked ship.

It’s not a matter of balance or cloaking ships being annoying, what you are proposing is so mathematically improbable that it is inherently useless.

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Okay, that makes sense. Perhaps then to use the Combat cores in the close range?

And thank you for the constructive conversation.

But it would only be one aspect.

There are several possibilities, if you could somehow perceive cloaked shifts in the environment.

In the first posting I have added some examples.

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There is no C in cloaking.

There is still a simple solution. When a player cloaks they disappear from local, and can no longer interact with local chat.

Problem solved. No more scary people in the local window, and cloaking makes more sense. I never understood the concept of stealth when your name in local gave you away.

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ty, my bad english :slight_smile: Text corrected

But he can using dscan every time. It is not local, or chat only.

I want a little tension for both sides. Not to avoid conflict, but to make it possible for both sides to “meet” each other. :smiley:

Like the thing with changed unlimited bumping that prevented warping.

Safety during active evasion while cloaked is ok, but not being unvulnerable afk all the time while cloaked.

No you don’t. This is just another stealth “I don’t like scary AFK cloaky people in my system” thread. Illustrated by your line:

If Cloaking was truly stealth, as it should be, you wouldn’t show up in local at all. This also negates the incentive that AFK cloaky players currently have, so AFK cloaking problem fixed.


No that is not. But yes, i dont like the cloaky people. I will hunt them. Give me the tools for that.

You can. It’s called bait.

Either way I’m done here. Not a fan of those who stealth edit their threads, changing titles etc in order to try and change the focus of the thread is uncool.

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Because initial Title missleaded those like you to one Aspekt of thinking. I will one possibility to hunt cloaked peoples, whether they like it or not. Or be aware, that those cloakys are nearby or not.