Cloak vs detection

After thinking about cloak and how there no real way to find cloak ship, I think there need be some way to detected them with out it making cloak worthless.

My idea is that there will be new type of prob and prob launcher that only can pick up cloak ship that use lot CPU and Power Grid and have a very limited scanning range, that can pick up false signals and making it very hard for the player that scanning for the cloak ship to pick out the cloak ship from the false signals making active cloak players safe due to they can move the ship round.

there will be only a T1 prob with no upgrades to it and the better cloak models, the longer it will take for them to be found.


the prob launcher

Use a high slot

CPU 260 units

Power Grid 20 units

the prob

Scan range. 4 AU max.

Cycle for each scan take 10 secs.

Sensor strength 15

Maxumum deviation .5 AU

Materials to build the probs they will need something like High-Tech Transmitters and more.

Do rate, comment and give feedback.

Do note, If see anyone trolling or derailing the thread I will report you.

Why does there need to be a way? Being cloaked is just like being logged off: you can’t be hurt but you also can’t hurt anyone. You have just removed yourself from the game temporarily just like when you dock up or log off.

Your idea does exactly what you say you don’t want to do and makes a cloak near worthless for activities like living in a wormhole or AFK cloaking somewhere to undermine the accuracy of the intel provided by local to an opponent. I don’t see how nerfing the gameplay enabled by cloaking is a net benefit for the game and I do see how this will hurt the little guy whose main defence is ninja-ing his way around New Eden.




Black Pedro said all that needs to be said.

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Just having the probes in a wide formation would already break the point of scanning and failing according to your description with the false signals since it would detect something, so this would be to purely make sure there are no cloaked people in the system and turn cloaked people for intel or cynos obsolete since people will not want to be in a system where there are cloaked people that could represent a threat to them.


Carebears… :roll_eyes:

We should report YOU for not using the main afk cloaky thread and for not using google to check if “your” idea hasn’t been brought up a million tjmes already. Hint: it has!


Show us on the doll where you think the big, bad afk cloaker wanted to touch you.

And also, can’t you just use one of the ■■■■■■■ afk cloaker threads that I have on my muted list so that I don’t have to read your entitled carebear ■■■■■■■■? Worthless nullbear trash.

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Well a bit of feedback will be nice, But fine, @Arcanith_Lionheart there will be only false signals if someone is in the same system with you that cloak up, this is to stop any false intel being reported.

@Black_Pedro Can you explain in more details, how its it making cloak worthless, as I just said to arcanith, there will be only false signals if someone is in the same system with you that cloak up, will there will be no false intel being report.

Why are you all so insistent on ruining cloaks? A cloaked ship can’t hurt you, all a cloaked ship can do is stare at you. Therre is absolutely no need for a device that renders four classes of ship totally useless. Don’t fix what ain’t broke, cloaks function the way they should.


One, that have very very little to add in terms of feedback and two, I Use cloak to scout out ahead of any fleets i’m in to gather intel on someone on your ass to make sure that we have a way to kill yo ass.

As I say it now, This idea will not hurt “active” player that are cloak up.

Yeah, it does, because the moment a “false signal” pops up everybody just goes away to avoid a possible cyno or giving intel.


Any idea that messes with the way cloaking works is a problem for scouts and BLOPs pilots son. My issue is that I don’t see anything wrong with you being completely undetectable with a cloak, that’s the entire point! When you add anything beyond flying around detonating smartbombs you sincerely hamper what a covert fleet can accomplish. i think your suggested module sounds like a pain to use, for balance can only be half-functional, and like I said above sincerely limits what a covert fleet can accomplish.

Don’t fix what ain’t broke, there’s nothing wrong with cloaks.

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Cloaking is used, among other things, by players to step away from their keyboard when they are deep in hostile space. If they cannot be sure that they are safe, it kinda makes the module pretty worthless for this function.

How can you go for a bio-break while scouting your wormhole chain if someone can probe you out while you are away? How can you disrupt the PvE grinding of your opponent in nullsec if they can probe you out while you are AFK cloaking them to clear local so they are 100% safe? You can’t.

But it is your turn to explain. I see no reason why taking the ability of people to step away from their keyboard is a good idea. Someone shouldn’t be able to force me to undock. Someone shouldn’t be able to force me to login. So why should someone be able to force me to uncloak if I am not interacting with the greater universe? How is the game better for you to have the ability to pull someone who is AFK back into the universe so you can explode them at no risk? They can hurt you, nor are they influencing the shared universe in any way, and as soon as they try, they are vulnerable again. Just shoot them then.

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@Black_Pedro steping away from the keyboard for like 10 mins won’t mean that they found you, It going to take a long time for them to even to pin point you down.

and sitting in one spot from 10 to 20 mins will still be safe for a t2 cloak or 30+ for for the covert ops cloak.

But stepping away for an hour to server maintenance is just begging you to be killed.

At this very point in time there no way to counter cloaking even if it VERY VERY slow to do so.

and If this keep up, and I seen one user doing this so far, is just making clone after clone after clone and make cloak cyno ready ships and just place them all over the place, Making it even hard to just move round or do anything and he is not afk not at all, when he see a shiny ship that all alone, he will drop on that ship like ants to honey.

And players are starting to bitch about it and it not getting it dealt with, and after so long they are going to stop playing eve and quit it and that means less “money” going to CCP and when it hit critical point, CCP will be force to do something about it or remove it from the game, but by then it’s too late as the damage been done. @CCP_karkur Can you comment on this?

why is this thread not locked yet?


@Lugh_Crow-Slave The reason is that it’s an original idea. and your offering nothing to the thread.

Anyways I’m am pointing out valid points touching on this topic.

The logical fallacies in your arguments make it impossible to have any kind of proper debate on the merits of your op.
Argumentum ad misericordiam, Argumentum ad nauseam, Argumentum ad numerum, Argumentum ad populum to list a few. In proposing an idea the burden of proof is on you. You are not succeeding in ‘selling’ your idea. I don’t see a need for it.

Don’t feel bad, F&I readers rarely agree with a proposal unless it clearly demonstrates a need in the game.

no its not… not even close and it belongs in the afk cloaking thread

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What if you need to step away for an undetermined period of time? Or you are completely trapped in a system, being hunted but you need to go to work? What, I have to stay at my computer clicking a button every 10 minutes until the next downtime?

A cloak with a timer or vulnerable to probing makes entering hostile space much more dangerous as you are basically committing to play until you can return to safety. It also makes things like keeping an eye on a wormhole or structure much more tedious and risky. All of this is true and will affect the balance of the game, so whatever reason you are providing to change the game better be especially compelling…

And the reason you give is that CCP would make more money. Sigh. You are suppose to be at risk in nullsec. You don’t get to remove the names that scare you from local because you live in the most dangerous space in the game. If you don’t like cloaked campers, cynos, or any of the other business of nullsec, go move back to highsec or into a wormhole. You don’t get to stamp your feet, and whine to CCP developers that the game is too hard and that you will take your money elsewhere unless CCP makes their game easier for you and nullsec even safer. Asking for the rules to be rewritten in your favour for no other reason that you don’t like losing, is incredibly selfish, unsportsmanlike and generally considered poor form.

There probably does exist some change to the game that allows the probing down of cloaked ships, but it isn’t just going to be by just nerfing cloaks into the ground. Whatever changes are made will still keep you at risk to opponents dropping on you while you go about your business in nullsec. And no doubt, you will whine about those changes if they come as well.

Enough of this. Take your self-indulgence to the AFK Cloaking thread where it belongs.

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