Main AFK cloaky thread

(Luc Chastot) #1

Mandatory AFK cloaky thread. Please bring observatory arrays etc.

AFK Cloak and how does cloak work exactly?
Cloaky Camping Recommended Changes
Mass cloaky camper
Cloak vs detection
Yes, another cloak fix suggestion
Game Suggestions
AFK Cloaking
AFK Cloaking
Tackling camping
Smelloscope like on Futurama for detecting Cloaked Ships
Cloaking Camping Destroying Eve
Cloaking Camping Destroying Eve
Smelloscope like on Futurama for detecting Cloaked Ships
AFK cloaky camping needs to end
An idea for cloaky camping, make it active
An idea for cloaky camping, make it active
Tie cloaking to the System Activity Index
Cloaky camper
Game runs like crap with too many players and has terrible, half realized mechanics that you refuse to fix
Game Suggestions
(Sabriz Adoudel) #2

Just going to hover in the locality of this thread. Always observing. Sometimes maybe attacking with a post or two, or lighting a cyno to attract hordes of other posters

(Sylvia Kildare) #3

Cloaky Manticore, checking in.

(Daichi Yamato) #4


Does discord have stickies?

(Linus Gorp) #5

Just get on with it already and delete nullsec local.
Intel shouldn’t be instant and it definitely shouldn’t be free and effortless.

Remove the root cause (local) and the symptom (afk cloaking) will disappear as well.

(ISD Max Trix) #6

Discourse has pins!
No more glue to take off the fingers.

(Omnathious Deninard) #7

Is it possible to copy over threads from the old forums to the new ones? Let’s bring all the tinfoil and hate over here too!

(Nora Maldoran) #8

Don’t forget to set this thread on “(!) Watching” so you get notified when there is gate fire!

(Natacha Bellerose) #9

Remove local, problem solved.

(Daichi Yamato) #10

I think we’re about to.

(Adama Kanjus) #11

yes. please remove local for low and null or at least make a regional local or something.

(Luc Chastot) #12

I’m actually disappointed this specific thread only has 10 replies. So much unused tinfoil left.

(Ralph King-Griffin) #13

finally came back and fixed the quote

(Daichi Yamato) #14

The bullet points are…

(Feka) #15

Cloaky camping hur hur.

(Jonah Gravenstein) #16


(Chance Ravinne) #17

The main reason AFK cloaking exists is because local exists.

You can’t nerf one or buff one without nerfing or buffing the other.

(Akrasjel Lanate) #18

If they are still a thing coming Soon TM

(Lienhart Cousland) #19

I had to do a double take of Paikis, mis-read the first time.

(Cristl) #20

Someone show RKG how bullet points and numbering work in discourse please. He’s still not up to speed.

@discobot give Ralph a hand