Cloaky Camping - From a Wormholer's Perspective

Lets get this straight. The idea of a cloak taking fuel is terrible. It punishes everyone, hurts wormholers WAY more than the stupid AFK cloaky campers, and is a lazy solution to a different problem.

What is the issue at hand? It isn’t campers, and it isn’t a cloak. CCP you want people to play your game, not punish them. If people are actively camping, or actively using a cloak this is good news for you. Your issue is with those you log on at down time, then cloak and they walk away.

How do you fix the issue of afk cloaking in NS - easy. We fix it at the NS level. A tower can be built, 1 per constellation. It’ll have an umbrella in light years set to what ever distance you want - I’m in favor of it not cover the entire constellation. When you activate the tower it sends a pulse through it’s umbrella and de-cloaks everyone hit by it. Give it like an hour cooldown, but it has to manually activated so that bots can’t just recloak on consentient intervals. Those who are actively playing you game will just cloak up and this is good. You get intel - yes they are active, don’t rat. Those who are AFK will be scanned down and killed because they wont re-cloak. Then, go rat. Would you look at that, AFK camping is solved, you didn’t hurt wormholers, and null-bears get to build a new structure with their space Legos.

If you go down the route of fuel you hurt me. A wormholer who assumes someone is already cloaked and waiting before I even jumped into the system. Someone who goes wormhole to wormholes for hours. A person who has a cargo full cap batteries because its J-space, nuets are your best friend. Someone who can’t make fuel because of our lovely ice changes. The people who you hurt the most with this change CAN’T EVEN MAKE THE FUEL IN THEIR SYSTEM.

Then lets talk about the m3 of it all. You’re asking cov-ops ships to have fuel. They have a already small cargo bay. You hurt your new bro explorers. How about bombers? You know how much m3 a bomb takes? And you want us to fit fuel on top of it, what about ti-di fights how much fuel do you want a bomber to have, and how do you expect them to fit it?

The idea of a cloak taking fuel is a simple fix, and a bad fix. Don’t take the lazy approach.

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Can we have a anchorable version that only affects the system for WH too, then?

Small enough to be carried in ohhh a force recon say?

Hell no keep wormholes as it, if you don’t like go be a null-bear


Yeah figured it was a one sided deal.

This is why you arent suggesting WH local for Null, is it?

simple solution. additional fuel bay.

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It just doesn’t need to change. Wormholers love no local, because the game play is totally different. Its fair everyone has the same rules - none. Its pure survival of the fittest and we are all blood-thirsty.

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Its what I liked most about WHing, to be fair.

I wouldnt have a problem with no local everywhere.

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I don’t go to HS goes days on end.

I think it would be generally stupid idea if fuel was consumed immediately with each cycle. I suppose an X number of free cycles would make sense in any case. After an hour or so without recloak.

How about just no fuel and fix afk camping and not break cloaking. You seem to have an issue with cloaking in general

Not realy since im in wormhole too :slight_smile:
I do, however, remember Delve well with Nightwatch 01-99, if that means anything to you.

Wouldn’t it be fun to uncover a bonus waver who thinks he can hide in the site until DT? Just as example. :sweat_smile:

Anyway, I’m not one to wait for hours for a single victim, or hide until downtime. That’s boring. Fun can be different.

The whole cloaky fuel idea is just abysmally dumb … Im surprised it’s even surviving that long, and also a tad worried …

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Its my understanding that the topic of cloaky camping is forbidden by the forum sub community. You are supposed to reference and post off the 56,343 page long thread on the topic that was released with direct x 5.

You do realize a lot of people in game tend to hunt afk players and depend on a much shorter timespan than 1 whole hour reactivation, to be effective right ?

Before shitting on cloaky camping as whole, learn observe all its practical uses first…

This is such a completely “Krabs that just want to farm in peace” topic, it oozes from every side of its pungent slime …

fuel doesnt need take a lot of volume. It could be very tiny, but requited to be manually reloaded (like raiguns)

Ffs, STOP with this stupid idea already …

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If they are cloaked and camp you, bait them. Sacrifice something cheap to lure them out and see what they bring and then counter them. Cloaky camping is not that much of an issue, and whatever CCP will do to “fix” it will only make every other aspect of it worse.


but but but, thinking of a bait strategy is just too hard … !!

nerf cloakinnn waaaah !!

waaaaaaaaa …